Important Factors to Consider When Renting Your First Home

A for rent sign in front of a house, highlighting important factors to consider when renting your first home.

There are many reasons why people decide to rent a home before they get into the housing market. For some people, saving for a first home takes time so they need to rent while they get their down payment together. There are those who actually prefer renting because they don’t want to stay in the same place for too long or for some other reason. In addition, some may be moving to a property with a partner for the first time and want to see how things go before taking the plunge and buying.

Whatever your reasons for renting, when you are looking for your first rental home, it is important to take some key factors into consideration. By doing this, you will boost the chances of finding the right home at the right price, and you can look forward to your newfound taste of independence in your first home. In this article, we will look at some of the key things to consider.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

Renting a home is a big move, so you need to keep some important points in mind before you make any commitments. Some of these are:

Can You Afford the Rent?

It is vital that you know that you can afford the rent on the property, otherwise, you could find yourself being evicted. This would not only leave you without a roof over your head but could also make it difficult to get another property. Remember, you also have to make bill payments to your electric company, broadband provider, gas service provider, and others, so take this into consideration when working out affordability.

Freeing Your Space from Stuff

How Long Is the Tenancy?

It is important to check what the length of the tenancy is before you sign on the dotted line, as you need to ensure it meets your needs. Some tenancy agreements are for six months and can be renewed every six months as long as everything is in order. Some may be for a one-year period and are renewed annually. Some may only be short-term tenancies on a rolling monthly contract. It is important that you find this out before you commit.

What Are the Upfront Fees?

There may be various upfront fees to pay depending on the landlord or rental agent you go through for your first rental home. This could include a security deposit, a month’s rent in advance, and various administrative fees. In order to ensure you can afford to sign for the property, you need to find out all the upfront costs and ensure you have enough cash in the bank to cover them. Obviously, you will get the security deposit back at the end of the tenancy as long as everything is in order.

What About the Décor?

One of the other things you may want to consider is asking whether you can make any changes to the décor. Naturally, the landlord won’t want you knocking any dividing walls out! However, they may be happy for you to redecorate to suit your personal tastes and make it feel like your own home. This means a far more relaxed and welcoming home environment for you, making it much easier to settle in.

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We wish you luck finding the perfect rental property for your first rental home. It can be very exciting to make this move!



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