How to rent a Los Angeles Apartment for Your Internship

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You did it again – you have just landed your dream internship that you believe will help you set off in your career journey. You have lined up everything that you need to keep going in your new job, like a suitable work wardrobe, but you still don’t know how you can get the best intern apartment in Los Angeles since it’s your first time here.

In this article, we hold your hand and make it easy for you to get a temporary home. Continue reading for some tips on choosing an apartment for your internship.

1. Consider the location

The location of your apartment matters a lot, especially if you are going to live in Los Angeles for the first time. You want to find an apartment that is a bit close to the bus stop, easy to access on foot, close to your place of work, and secure.

Also, the place should have the lowest commuting cost and time. Meaning it should be comfortable finding different transportation options to and from your workplace. Find out how long it will take you to locate restaurants, hospitals, and other essential services.

2. Network with friends on social media

If you are into social media, then that’s a good place you can start finding more information about being an intern in Los Angeles – how is life there. Luckily you may find a friend or an alumnus who’s been staying in the city for some time. That is a good chance to ask them everything you want to know, like where is the best part of the town to stay.

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You can also follow some real estate blogs on the digital media for more insights on choosing a residential apartment for your internship. Follow posts from AirBnB, Craigslist,, and Zillow to get more information about different apartment offers available for interns.

3. Reach out to a local college

Another way of finding an affordable place to stay as an intern is by checking the local colleges for any availabilities. Some colleges sub-lease apartments for interns, especially during the summer. You can search for such offers online.

Apart from securing temporary housing in local collages, you also get the chance to connect and discover new opportunities like a university to join after your internship.

4. Get a roommate

Living alone in Los Angeles for the first time is usually terrifying and full of challenges. Of course, you will need some company when you are off work, emotional and financial support. There is a higher possibility of finding another intern within your cohort and asking them to live with you.

You can also go through social media and find someone willing to take a roommate, which can help you save money. Getting a roommate or other interns to live with makes it more affordable to live in an expensive apartment because you can share the cost of renting the house.

5. Ask your employer

Your employer is probably the most reliable person you can ask about accommodation. If you are new in Los Angeles, your employer can give you some suggestions about where to live to avoid inconveniences when commuting to work daily.

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It is also essential to ask your employer about their internship policies. If they are offering some accommodation stipend, you can use that to find a better rental house close to your workplace. Since your employer is located where you are moving to, they have the local knowledge that is more useful.

Final thoughts

Renting an apartment in Los Angeles for your internship is never a walk in the park. To make your work easier, you have to research widely. Ask for referrals from your employer, friends, and family. Consider the five tips we have shared here to make it hassle-free finding your new temporary home as an intern.

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