3 Points Worth Considering if You’re Looking for Fitted Bedrooms

A bedroom with a fitted wardrobe around the bed.

Storage space is a major consideration for many homeowners and even renters. Indeed, some studies show that 80% of prospective homebuyers consider storage space before deciding whether to purchase a property.

As such, many people are excited by the prospect of a fitted wardrobe around the bed as it maximizes available storage space and is tailor-made to blend with the existing home décor. Moreover, bespoke fitted wardrobes save you the extra cost (and hassle) of shopping for or installing new wardrobes.

The only problem is that fitted storage also comes with a few downsides. For instance, they tend to eat into existing space. Potentially leaving the area cramped out. Moreover, you cannot move fitted wardrobes around. So, you’re stuck with it even when you no longer love it unless you decide to remodel.

So, what’s the best decision? Should you get fitted wardrobes anyway or forego fitted storage for freestanding and mobile options? We’ll let you decide. However, we have a few points you may want to consider as you make a choice.

Are fitted wardrobes worth it?

Let’s begin with a common question among consumers considering fitted bedrooms. Are they worth it? Are they a good investment?

The short answer is – yes. Although fitted bedrooms have many downsides, they are eventually worthwhile investments. The main reason is that fitted bedrooms reduce decoration and storage costs. Without fitted bedrooms, you need to purchase or install extra storage separately, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Secondly, fitted bedrooms increase the property’s worth. You’re likely to sell at a higher price just because you have fitted wardrobes, shelving, or drawers. Therefore, it makes economic sense to install fitted storage if you intend to sell the property down the line.

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Don’t forget that fitted storage makes it easier to keep your bedroom clean and organized. While standing and mobile storage options are okay, it usually feels like they take up available space in your rooms and may suddenly feel like clutter. On the other hand, the brain sees fitted wardrobes as part and parcel of the room; thus, don’t associate them with space wastage.

The only challenge here is that you risk making small bedrooms even smaller by installing permanently fitted wardrobes. However, they are worth it if space isn’t a major concern.

What’s the cost to install a fitted wardrobe around the bed?

Unfortunately, the best fitted wardrobes don’t come cheap. So, you need to prepare accordingly or just go with freestanding alternatives.

Generally, a flat-back wardrobe designed to fit in a specific home area costs about $300, excluding installation charges. You can install it yourself to avoid installation costs. However, you should prepare another $300 or thereabouts if you opt for professional installation.

A bedroom with a fitted wardrobe around the bed.

Meanwhile, luxurious, bespoke fitted wardrobes, meticulously designed to make the most of every inch of space in your bedroom, can cost as much as $2,000, including installation costs. Of course, personalization can add to the costs.

So, it depends on your desires. Off-the-shelf units are generally more affordable. However, they may not fit your space seamlessly. For instance, you may find that the corners don’t fit well into your bedroom corners. This may necessitate more plumbing or carpentry work, increasing the installation cost. Or it may result in an imperfect installation.

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On the other hand, customized wardrobes are more expensive to build and install. However, they are made from high-quality materials and expertly finished to enhance the room’s décor while providing maximum storage space.

Big brand, independent firm, or DIY?

Finally, when considering a fitted wardrobe around the bed, another common question is whether to get it from a big brand, an independent contractor, or do-it-yourself. Which option guarantees the best outcome?

Unfortunately, there’s no right answer. Most people who install fitted wardrobes never have to decide anyway as they rely on homebuilders. The builder decides whether to hire an independent contractor or purchase and install the unit themselves.

So, what if you’re the one in charge of the project. The best idea would be to get professional advice before you begin. Find a company that offers furniture fitting services and let them help you with ideas and tips on designs and layouts. It’s much easier to make the right decisions from there.

In an ideal world, you also want to let the professionals execute the project. Local independent contractors are the best as they are affordable and highly motivated. Get several quotes and give the job to the best candidate.

However, an established brand would be the best option if you’re looking for something more high-end or luxurious – as long as you’re prepared to pay up. DIY installation should be the last option, especially if you’ve never handled a similar project before, because the risk of messing up is very high.


Installing a fitted wardrobe around your bed is advantageous over standalone wardrobes for many reasons. However, be warned that it can be an expensive project with multiple pitfalls. Therefore, it’s best to plan before you start, lest you make costly mistakes down the line.

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