4 Ways to Create a Low-Maintenance Yard

A person is gardening with a shovel in a low-maintenance yard.

Creating a low-maintenance yard has a series of fantastic benefits. Of course, the first is that it requires fewer hours of work. However, other benefits can include a lower annual cost and less physical energy expelled on your part — reducing the potential for injury and aches and pains. Low-maintenance yards are also often more environmentally sound. And a yard that requires little maintenance allows you to travel without having to worry about who’s tending to your green space.

Ultimately, an easy-to-sustain yard leaves you more time to enjoy your green space with your friends and loved ones without having to put in hours of back-breaking work. Constructing a low-maintenance yard will require a bit of upfront labor, however, but initial efforts and costs will certainly pay off in the long haul.

So, without further ado, here are four simple ways to create a low-maintenance yard.

1. Pick Hardy Perennials

Yes, annuals come in an array of beautiful colours; however, they require purchasing and planting every year, deadheading, and then removing them at the end of each season. Instead, opt for hardy perennials that require little maintenance and successfully grow without fail. Great options include ornamental grasses, sedum, Russian sage and irises. Another bonus: each of these plants offers resilience during dry spells, saving you money on your water bills.

2. Install Automated Irrigation

A lawn sprinkler or irrigation system is a fantastic way to make sure your garden is thoroughly watered — especially during intense summer months — without having to lift a finger. Systems like those offered by EZ Lawn Sprinklers are designed to water lawns separately from gardens, ensuring optimal moisture control for each area’s needs. These systems are controlled by an automatic timer, minimizing the need for special effort. There’s even the option of a rain sensor which will override the system on rainy days.

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3. Lay Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is excellent for blocking weeds on patio areas and in flower beds. First, turn over the soil, removing any weeds as-and-when you see them, then lay landscape fabric using landscape staples to hold the mesh in place. Cut crosses where a perennial lays and pull the foliage through, patting the fabric into place around the plant’s base. Cover the landscape fabric using pebbles or mulch — your choice!

Landscape fabric serves two purposes: it blocks weed growth, reduces your need to invest in and spray weed killer, and it can help plants retain their moisture.

4. Consider Trees Carefully

If you’d like to add trees to your yard — maybe for a pop of structural interest or to provide shade from the midday sun — consider the variety. Evergreens are a great low-maintenance choice. While they do require some care, such as pruning and trimming in the springtime, they don’t drop leaves that require raking and clear-up in the fall through early winter — they’ll also save you the ongoing costs associated with the purchasing of yard waste bags.


With these tips, it’s possible to create a yard that’s both lush, beautiful, and low maintenance, leaving your weekends and evenings free to enjoy your green space.

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