6 Excellent Reasons to Landscape Your Backyard

A fire pit enhances the landscape of your backyard.

Not everyone gets the luxury of a large backyard, but for the people who have one, looking after that bit of nature within their property can be a bit of a hassle. Combine that with the fact that backyards are often blocked from the view of passersby, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to treat their backyard as a second-class citizen. A space that is never quite overlooked enough to become overgrown but never clean or organized enough to be a proper living space.

A good backyard landscaping project can solve that problem. And whether you hire someone to do it or take it on as a DIY project, landscaping your backyard can be a fantastic investment. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Add value to the property

Since landscaping is a project that will cost you time and money, let’s talk about what kind of return you can get on that investment. One of the benefits of landscaping is that it can help increase the resale value of a house. A beautiful, well-kept backyard is something many homeowners want in their forever homes. And buyers are willing to pay more for properties where that landscaping work has already been done.

Landscaping will also help your real estate agent market the property. After all, a great backyard will also look good in online ads, and it can be the highlight of a house tour. This can not only impact the sale value of your house, but it may also help it sell faster. A landscaped garden can have such an impact, in fact, that many real estate agents will recommend that owners landscape their front and backyards before putting the house up for sale.

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2. Gain more living space

As mentioned in the introduction, landscaping can be a great tool if you are looking to turn your backyard into a more viable living space. You can change and optimize the area, and the greenery in your backyard to both make it more welcoming and make the space better suited for different purposes. Whether you want your backyard to be a space where your kids can play, an area for you to grow your own greenies and vegetables, or you want the backyard to be a good area to entertain guests and host parties. And these aren’t mutually exclusive; depending on your goals and the available space, you may be able to achieve all of the above.

If you are willing to invest a little more, you can turn your landscaping project into a full-on backyard renovation project and add furniture and covered spaces so you’ll be able to lounge outdoors more comfortably. There are plenty of financing options for homeowners out there, as you’ll see if you browse around this site.

3. Encourage wildlife to visit

There are many fun ways to turn your backyard into a small asset for the local ecosystem. You can install a bird feeder, a birdbath, get flowers that will benefit local species of butterflies and more. A well-kept garden can ensure that these animals have a reliable source of food and shelter all year round, which makes a huge difference. And you’ll get to enjoy the extra bit of life that these colorful guests can add to your backyard.

4. Get into gardening

If you have been meaning to start your own garden, landscaping your backyard is a great way to get that project started. You can use it as a chance to create a dedicated garden bed and even set up an elevated one, so you don’t have to kneel when tending to your plants. 

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Landscaping also gives you a chance to buy the seeds and plants you want in your garden, whether you’re looking to grow food, ornamental plants, or both. And if you’re working with a professional landscaper, they can also help you figure out what you should do to ensure your garden will thrive.

5. Encourage your family to go outside

Sunlight and fresh air can be great for both our mental and physical health, and a beautiful backyard can encourage your family to go out and enjoy both. Whether it be playing games and exercising outdoors or just going out to lounge in the sun while reading a book. The backyard can be turned into a place to decompress and relax with nature, especially if you invest in some comfortable outdoor furniture.

6. Boost the view from the windows

Most homes have plenty of windows with a view of the backyard, which gives you a chance to enjoy your beautifully landscaped garden even when you are not there. The view of the flowers and birds in the yard can be very pleasing through the window, giving you something to admire while sipping some coffee or doing chores around the house.

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