6 Opulent Must-Haves for Your Formal Dining Room 

A formal dining room with a chandelier and blue vases.

One of the greatest joys in life is sharing delicious food with friends and loved ones. Whether you’re in the habit of hosting frequent dinner parties or just enjoy dining in style with your family, there are many reasons why you could be looking for opulent additions to your dining room. Keep reading for all the must-haves you need to get the most out of your formal dining room, and ensure you only receive “yes” replies on your dinner party RSVPs.

1. Fine China

Even the most modern formal dining rooms will still look beautiful, showcasing fine china. If you’d rather not have your china visible to yourself or your guests, store them in a hutch either in your dining room or adjacent to it. But from hosting parties to serving close family, fine china can elevate the dining experience for everyone. You likely already have a China set, but if it was passed down to you, there’s nothing wrong with storing the family heirlooms and purchasing a set that better reflects your personality and style.

2. Persian Rugs

No matter the home’s aesthetic, Persian rugs are classic and iconic pieces for a reason. Adding a Persian rug to your formal dining room can add beautiful texture as well as color. Persian rugs, with their deep and rich colors, look especially striking in more neutral and modern dining room spaces and allow the rug to be a beautiful centerpiece underneath your grand dining table. Make sure you get a rug that is suited to the size of your dining room; nothing can throw off the appearance of a room quite like a rug that’s too small.

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A formal dining room with a rug.

3. Sterling Silver Antiques

While it may feel like gold and brass are ruling the interior design world right now, the true gold standard is sterling silver antiques. From soup tureens, flatware, and tea service, you should be searching for sterling silver antiques for sale in your area immediately. If you have an existing silver set, continue adding to it over the years through local dealers, online auctions, and other sources. These pieces hold their value and quickly become treasured family heirlooms.

4. Mood Lighting

Lighting is impactful and can set the tone and experience for everything that happens in your home, and nowhere is more important than the formal dining room. Investing in a glamorous and statement-making chandelier is a must for every homeowner with a formal dining room. It can breathe new life, pun intended, into your dining space. Opt for a classic crystal chandelier or a modern matte black with brass accents or anywhere in between; you won’t go wrong.

5. Statement Making Accent Walls

Accent walls have shown that they have lasting favor in the design world because they work in virtually any room in a home. Opting for a bold and deep color as a statement wall in your dining room is a way to elevate the experience almost effortlessly. A deep raspberry, matte black, or rich peacock blue can all work with most design styles and color schemes. Don’t be afraid to try a color not in the rest of the color story though it’s best to check with a designer before committing and hiring painters.

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A formal dining room with an ornate chandelier.

6. Focal Art Pieces

The point of a formal dining room is to enjoy the company that shares it with you, so you don’t want it to be too distracting, but having a focal piece of art is the perfect way to tie this space together. You can go for antique paintings, blue-chip art, or anything in between, but a large statement-making piece is essential to elevating your formal dining room. Work with a local dealer to source a piece that speaks to you and that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

By including the above elements of opulence in your formal dining room, this will become a place that you will enjoy dining in throughout your home ownership. Even incorporating one or two can give your dining room the facelift you’ve dreamed of. Never underestimate the benefit of hiring and working with a designer who understands your vision for your home, as they can make all the difference.

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