6 Steps of Working Through Overwhelming Mess

A group of people working through an overwhelming mess in a messy living room.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as such, it didn’t take a day for our homes to fall apart, and it definitely won’t take a day to piece it all back together. That’s okay. The most important aspect to consider here is taking that first step in dealing with an overwhelming mess and taking action one step at a time.

Each home and family have varied challenges, situations, limitations, and starting points. The pathway to getting the household to a manageable and safe environment will be challenging, but you’ll find that maintaining that level of cleanliness from time to time will eventually get a whole lot easier.

Here are some pointers on where to start:

1. Pay special attention to time-constrained tasks and issues.

  • Relook for any task or activities that would have slipped your mind.
  • Identify bills that need to be paid.
  • Identify tasks and activities associated with time (i.e., doing your laundry, sending in your car for service, etc.

2. Focus your efforts on food and clothes first.

  • Prepare a meal plan for each day, and decide which day will you go grocery shopping.
  • Get your laundry done at one go.
  • Focus on getting your meals prepared for everyone and your laundry load for two days done.

3.  Plan your morning routine.

  • Make a list of all things you need to get done before lunchtime.
  • Tick off each action item once it’s done.
  • Make sure to plan and prioritize important actions.
  • Don’t plan items that aren’t essential to the smooth running of the day.
  • Start small activities, and don’t worry if you find one or two activities going past the afternoon. You’ll start seeing progress pretty soon.

4. Plan a simple afternoon and evening routine.

  • Make a list of all things you need to get done to ensure a smooth-running day (i.e., laundry, cleaning, and lunch and dinner prep)
  • Start small.
  • Tick off each action item once it’s done.
  • Never expect immediate changes and results. That’s a recipe for disaster.

5. Identify one special task to do each day.

  • Pick one weekly task to accomplish each day. This can be from vacuuming to mopping the house.
  • Set a time and work on a particular area that needs decluttering or cleaning.
  • The objective here isn’t about perfection, but accomplishing the job within the timeline set.

6. Seek help.

Keep in mind that an organized home isn’t the responsibility of one person – it’s the responsibility of every adult (and even older children) living at home.

Once you put the steps above to work, you’ll see things clearing up. When clutter clears, certain things about the home become more evident – mold on the ceiling, cleaning the carpet, and polishing upholstery. Some of these jobs need expert hands, and it’s okay to get a maid cleaning service to help you deep clean your home. Maid Services in Charlotte NC can help with deep cleaning if you’re ever on the lookout for one.



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