7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Construction Camera

Two construction workers captured on a construction camera.

Construction cameras make job sites safer and more secure, improve team collaboration, automate project documentation, and make auditing and compliance chores easier. However, choosing the correct cameras for your projects isn’t that easy because there are so many options and vendors to consider.

Knowing what questions to ask construction camera or Jobsite cameras vendors can assist you in determining which cameras are the greatest fit for your project. To begin, consider the following 7crucial questions:

1. What kind of zoom?

This is a crucial distinction between construction cameras that you may not be aware of. Optical zoom refers to the ability of the camera lenses to move and zoom in on a specific area of your construction site. A static image is zoomed on the screen of your viewing device via digital zoom, which is similar to taking a still shot and holding it closer to your face.

 The disadvantage of digital zoom is that as you zoom in closer, the image becomes more fragmented. While digital zoom is a fantastic answer for some tasks, optical zoom is better for others, so make sure to inquire about the type of zoom your construction camera has. 

2. Are there hidden fees?

Live viewing, time-lapse video, security recording, and limitless storage are all advertised by certain construction camera firms, however, these features are not necessarily included with the purchase of a camera. Frequently, you must choose only one function, and the others are only available for an additional charge. Before you buy a camera, make sure you can receive the features you desire without paying a premium. 

3. Are you able to store and review videos?

Some cameras on the market have limited storage or only allow real-time viewing. Contractors must be able to preserve and examine previous footage to reap the full benefits of a construction camera. This feature has a wide range of applications. So you must ask if you can store or review videos on it. The time-lapse film of a project can be used as a marketing tool to attract new clients and to keep stakeholders and investors informed about the progress of a present project.

4. Ask about the data

Another hidden cost of certain construction cameras is mobile data. Find out how much data rates are and who pays them before committing to a solution. Do they fall within the umbrella of your company’s mobile data plan? Is there a data charge from the camera company? Is there a surcharge if the amount of data used surpasses a specific threshold?

5. What level of assistance does the construction camera vendor provide?

Considering the dependability of advanced camera solutions, there will be times when you will require assistance. The amount of support provided by your vendor will be crucial in assisting you in taking your project ahead.

6. How easy is the access?

Accessibility is one of the best features of a construction camera. You can now keep an eye on all of your construction projects from any location. So always this question before buying. 

7. How many sites can I monitor?

You may now be in multiple places at once with a construction camera. With multi-project/camera viewing, you can easily access many sites from a single platform in just a few clicks. You can effortlessly switch between project locations and monitor them using any device from any location at any time.

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