7 Secrets To Achieving The Perfect Paint Job On Your Home For Less

Two vases in front of a wall.

Giving your property a facelift is a superb idea. Whether you are looking at selling, leasing, or settling on it, remodeling a house is crucial. One of the first aspects of this process is painting. You need to paint your house occasionally to make it attractive. A well-painted house will attract a higher price than one that looks old and outdated. 

However, painting a house can be an expensive affair. Different painters will change varying charges to take up the task. Also, you will need to invest in paints and tools if you decide to take up the task yourself. Despite all these aspects, you cannot avoid giving your property a new look. 

The good thing is that you can do this at a minimal cost. So, how do you save money when painting your house? Here are seven secrets:

Have a good plan for the task

One mistake many homeowners make is to start a painting project without a good plan. This aspect makes the task expensive. When you go out shopping for paint, you are likely to fall prey to impulse buying. There will be many offers and colors that might confuse you. In the end, you may spend a lot of money than expected.

You can avoid this behavior by having a good plan. Before heading to the paint store, plan what you need and the amount to spend. Also, determine the cost of each type of paint. Decide whether to go with water-based or oil-based paints. This way, you will avoid impulse buying and suggestions that can help you save some coins.  

Buy paint during prime sales season

A wise homeowner knows when to purchase specific items. The same should happen when searching for paints. Do not shop at any time of the year. Rather buy your paints during the prime sales seasons. This period is when many homeowners are painting their houses. Usually, the period is in spring and early summer.  

The benefit of buying your paint during the season is the available offers. As many shoppers flock to the paint store, the owners offer a range of discounts to attract customers. So, you will likely save some coins when you buy and paint your house during this period. As well, consider following your favorite brand for a chance to get news on when they have some sales offer.

Consider a paint calculator

To ensure you get the best possible deal when painting your house, it is wise to consider a paint calculator. This tool can help you determine the cost associated with the painting job. The paint calculator helps avoid overbuying paint. 

It does this by enabling you to calculate the amount of paint needed depending on your target area. They also have features for incorporating your target painting coats. So, you will avoid wasting money on paint that you do not need. 

Go for competitive bids

Are you looking for a house painting Calgary contractor? Hiring a contractor to paint your house can be an opportunity to save money. But only when you smartly do the bidding. As you know, every painter will offer a varying price. Thus, it is wise to go for competitive bids. 

Do not settle on a single contractor. Instead, take bids from several contractors. This approach will help you choose a competent and affordable painter. So, it considering several bids will help you save some money on your painting project.  

Do the preparation work yourself

Painting the house can be an expensive affair. However, you can cut the cost by doing some tasks yourself. Your painter should come to do the painting part alone. Before contacting them, you can consider working on the preparation phase. 

Fix the loose and rusty nails. Replace any piece and fix the cracks on the surface. Also, you can do the sanding part. Removing furniture, clearing perimeter, cutting or trimming shrubs, and fixing the doorknobs are other tasks you can take up. Working on these bits will help you save on the labor cost.  In the end, you will pay less than you would if you let the painter do the fundamental role. 

Think of the DIY approach

Your desire is to give your property a new face but do it while keeping the painting cost in check.  If so, consider the DIY painting approach. Performing the task yourself can make your life easy and comes with several benefits. For instance, you have a chance to choose and customize your favorite colors. 

In addition, you can pick paints that will give your house an aesthetic value. You will decide the amount to apply to each wall and room to get the desired results. However, when doing the work yourself, always go for quality paints. You should pay attention to the DIY painting tips available online when taking up the task.

However, only take up the painting job if you have some experience in it. This will ensure that you get the desired result. Otherwise, if you have zero ideas on house painting, consider working with a professional painter. Alternatively, you can take up painting tutorials online. This way, you will save money and get professional results from your efforts. 

Pick your color wisely

No doubt, everyone loves a house that reflects their personality. This goes a long way to choosing a color that aligns with you. However, this option can come with an additional cost. When you pick a color that is not similar to the current one, you will need to apply more than one coat. 

But when it is a repaint, you will likely not require a primer. This aspect will help you save some coins. For this reason, always pick your colors wisely. Only go for ones that will help you save money and serve you longer before fading. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, house painting should not be a costly affair. You can lower your expenses easily by having a good plan, buying the paint at the right time, and competitive bidding. Overall, following the above approaches can help you save money on your next painting affair.

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