7 Things to Do Around Your Home to Get Ready for Summer

A summer-ready home with a swimming pool.

Summer is just around the corner. Many people are already looking for ways to upgrade their homes in preparation for the hot weather. 

You can’t afford to ignore early preparations and additional maintenance around your home. It ensures that your home remains comfortable the whole summer. 

Preparation for summer also has several other benefits, including boosting the efficiency of your HVAC system, lowering energy bills, and boosting your safety and that of your property. The following are some things you should consider doing to make your home ready for summer.

1. Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Summer is hot. Before you feel the heat, have your air conditioner checked to ensure it is in perfect working order. You don’t have to do the service yourself. Call an expert to replace the filter, clean the vents, and check the connection to ensure it’s working well. Also, run the conditioner immediately after service to ensure that it’s cooling your house accordingly. 

With the help of a residential air conditioning repair expert, you may discover unnecessary defects or leaks in your air conditioning unit and repair them on time. If possible, consider installing a smart thermostat to help you save energy while reducing your energy expenses. The smart thermostat is programmed so that it only runs when required.

A woman holding a remote control in front of a window, preparing to adjust the air conditioner.

2. Avoid a Bug Infestation of Your Home

Who likes insects in their home? Bugs do not like hot weather, so they’ll probably enjoy cool areas of your home. They also enjoy any food particles around your kitchen area which can be embarrassing. 

Seal your house well, including any cracks or gaps in the doors and windows. Hire a professional pest control specialist to spray your house using a powerful insecticide. Several spray experts will advise you and give your home a natural spray that will be more harmful to the bugs. 

You can also use pest control products if you don’t want to hire an expert. However, do your research to pick a relevant and effective product.

3. Avoid Water Damage

In the summer, you will experience storms. For instance, most hurricanes hit in the summer, and some areas may experience floods. 

Ensure that your home is well protected against water damage. You can work with a professional to check and seal any leaks and cracks in your basement and walls. 

Ensure that your doors and windows are well-sealed and that your gutters are tested for optimal performance. Don’t forget to check your indoor ceiling, roof, and balcony to ensure there are no leaks.

A woman standing in front of a pot of water, demonstrating how to prevent water damage to your home.

4. Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Did you know that your ceiling fan direction needs a change depending on the season? Yes, the ceiling fan should run clockwise in winter, thus helping distribute any rising heat. However, it would be best if you had a breeze to escape, so you should run your ceiling fan counterclockwise. There is a switch to help you turn the ceiling fan in either direction, but you can call an expert to help you if you face a challenge.

5. Embrace Landscaping

If you love plants, this is the time to start using the green living things. Consider planting leafy trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants around your home for a cool and comfortable atmosphere in the summer. Planting them around the windows may stop the windows from transferring too much heat to your house.

A backyard home ready for summer with artificial grass and a wooden fence.

6. Clean Your Chimney

In winter, chimneys get filled up and may need cleaning before summer comes. If your chimney isn’t cleaned occasionally, it may accumulate unclean air and particles that may be dangerous to your family and your entire household. It also reduces the risk of chimney fires. You can work with a professional to help clean your chimney just before summer strikes.

7. Examine Your Garden

If you want your yard to be beautiful in the summer, restore any damage done to your compound during winter storms. Having beautiful decorations and an enjoyable natural atmosphere can be fulfilling in summer. 

Plant more flowers and trim your fences as well as trees. You can hire a certified arborist who can inspect your yard to help you conserve your trees and keep your yard cooler and more attractive.

You may think that it isn’t necessary to prepare your home for summer. But when summer strikes, you may regret it. The benefits of preparing for summer are countless, but most importantly, you’ll ensure that your family remains secure and comfortable during the entire season.

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