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Transform your yard space into a welcoming and beautiful garden. Learn how to create outdoor rooms for relaxing and entertaining.

Can I DIY a Landscaping Project? 

landscaping project
Landscaping projects are an excellent investment in a home. They come with many benefits, from adding value to your home to significantly changing the overall appearance of your backyard. However, some of the landscaping works are expensive.  Can I DIY a landscaping project? Yes, you can probably do it yourself if you’re relatively skilled in some of the landscaping work....

Why You Should Mulch This Winter

Winter Mulch
Healthy soil is key to a bountiful garden. An urban garden plot can possess eight hours or more of sunlight, no pests, a well-run sprinkling system, the ideal amount of humidity or perfectly timed rain showers, but if the soil is subpar, your plant life will be too.  That is why mulch is soil’s best friend. Applying a two-inch layer...

How To Select Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor spaces like patios, decks, etc. look appealing and attract people. This is mostly true when the weather gets a bit warmer. If you are able to carefully plan them out, these areas can increase a home’s living space. They can be areas where one can enjoy and relax. When looking for garden furniture or outdoor one, you should...

When Is the Best Time To Start Your Garden?

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Space
Growing a garden has intricacies that are crucial to get right from the onset. One of these is the timing of planting, which most of us know is in spring, but are unsure about exactly when. While springtime does, indeed, signal the start of the growing season, it doesn’t mean planting should take place at its arrival. If you...

Common Household Items to Repurpose in your Garden Today

recycled in garden
It can be very easy to neglect your garden and focus on the decor inside of your home. You can be left with an overgrown mess of weeds and trees that need to be trimmed, and before you know it, it resembles a jungle rather than a space you can enjoy.  There is never a bad time to get involved...

How to start your community garden

community garden
Many people are now embracing community gardens because they are easy to set up and very rewarding. You can start community gardens for many reasons. These could be recreational or environmental. New York's Central Park is an example of a community garden that has been a success. This park helped maintain and restore the park's historic areas, as well...

Fun ways to make more use of your garden over autumn and winter

autumn and winter garden
The average garden sees the most use over the summer months, with garden parties, sunbathing and blooming flowers all benefitting from the swathes of sunshine and warmth. However, once summer has passed the garden can become a barren space as trees, shrubs and plants start to change colour and leaves begin to fall. Furthermore, decreasing temperatures and sunlight mean...

What to Know About The Advantages of Growing Crops in a Greenhouse 

Growing Crops in a Greenhouse
Using a greenhouse gives you far much more advantages compared to conventional gardening. This happens regardless of whether you decided to start up with a small or a big greenhouse.  Only make sure that you are keen to follow the guidelines as given by the greenhouses experts’ failure to which you are deemed to make huge losses.  Hot houses are readily...

5 Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Backyard Garden

 An excellent first impression holds great importance in any social situation—and the case is no different for your house! Your backyard and curb are the features of the house that people first take notice of. After judging your home’s curb appeal, people often make a beeline for your backyard. That’s because it provides room for aesthetic appeal, showing the...

5 Trendy Landscaping Tips for Improving Your Backyard

Landscaping Improving
A backyard one can be proud of is something all property owners strive for. Typically, it is more casual and colourful than the front of your house and has an increased functionality, as it serves as a rest and relaxation place, as well as a space where you entertain your guests in the warmer months. How to make your...

The Best Types of Bugs to Have in Your Garden 

Bugs in garden
With soil preparation, careful selection of plants, and consistent efforts in watering and feeding of the jewel of earth we call our garden, we hope to be rewarded with luscious greens, sweet fruits, and gorgeous flowers every season, only to repeat the process again each year.  But even some experienced gardeners may not be taking advantage of nature’s little helpers...

How to choose the right garden fencing

garden fencing
Thinking of fencing your garden and looking for a top rated fencing contractor? There are so many types of fence panels to choose from and a ton to consider. From the functionality required to where it will be installed, knowing which fence panel is right for you can be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, here’s everything you...

How to replace your lawn tractor’s blades

How to replace your lawn tractor’s blades
Having dull mower blades can make or break the look of your lawn. Dull blades rip and tear your grass instead of cleanly slicing it, leading to jagged cuts and brown grass that is more susceptible to disease. Luckily, changing your lawn tractor’s blades is not hard to do. Follow these steps to find out how you can easily...

Top Reasons Your Outdoor Space Can Improve The Value Of Your Property

outdoor space
There is little doubt that people love to be outside enjoying the sunshine and feeling the fresh breeze on their faces. In fact, outdoor cooking has become so important that many people look at the outside space before they consider where the house is located.  This is a stark contrast to when the most important element was its proximity to...

Kitchen Garden Ideas for Every Home Gardener

Gardening can become nearly like an addiction. Growing plants and flowers is incredibly soothing, whether you do it in the A.M or the P.M after work. Watching the flowers bloom and the beauty of nature as it unfurls in front of you is awe-inspiring. However, not every home has space for an extensive garden. Some of you might have a...

7 Health Benefits of Gardening That You May Not Have Been Aware of

Health Benefits of Gardening
Introduction Gardening has been around for thousands of years. The main purpose of gardens has been to grow food, though many gardens today are larger, public places full of beautiful, blooming flowers. While they are still used to grow food today, there are many other ways gardens are beneficial. In fact, the act of gardening probably yields more benefits than...

What Fertilizers Are Best For Your Lawn?

What Fertilizers Are Best For Your Lawn
Healthy, lush green lawns are a result of the care and effort you put into their maintenance. By supplying your lawn with the best lawn fertilizer, you provide it with the necessary nutrients to grow and thrive. There are many fertilizers available in the marketplace today. Understandably, choosing one for your lawn could be a daunting process. It would be best...

3 Types of Reclining Garden Chairs That Will Look Great on Your Patio

The COVID-19 pandemic made people realize the joy of spending time outdoors. During the early stages of this health crisis, people were forced to keep themselves locked inside their houses. As a result, they began to come up with ideas on how they could utilize the space around their houses, mostly their yards, patios, and garden areas, to enjoy...