9 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdated Home

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Are you in need of a drastic home makeover? Or possibly need to renovate an old home into a modern oasis? If you’re thinking of renovating and designing a new home, then keep on reading! Whether you are a first-time renovator or an experienced one, it’s always good to explore different ideas so that you can arrange and plan out your dream home. In this article, we are going to look at seven different ways to upgrade and enhance your house.

Upgrade that popcorn ceiling

Are you looking to remove your popcorn ceiling? Popcorn ceilings were widely popular in the 70s and 90s due to their low maintenance and cheaper price bracket. To achieve a sleek modern look, give your roof an upgrade by removing the old popcorn ceiling and opting for a smoother service. After it’s removed, work on choosing a color that can complement the space. For a more intimate space, you can choose a darker shade, but if you want to open up the room, try white or baby blue.

A fresh coat of paint

One of the most straightforward ways to upgrade an old home is to give the entire household a fresh coat of paint or install wallpaper. If you’re doing this yourself, make sure to provide the walls with a thorough clean before applying anything. There are so many options and kinds of paint currently on the market, which means you can have fun with it and experiment. Grab some sample pots and test small areas so that you can choose the perfect color for every space. As mentioned above, if you want to open up space, stick to a lighter color palette.

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Replace lights and light switches

Most old homes don’t exactly come with energy-efficient lighting. Upgrading your lights and switches will not only improve the interior design but can also save you electricity and money in the long run. Electricians can install better light switches that can dim and control your lights, and they have a range of design options available. When choosing your actual lights themselves, have a look at the vast options available, and try to find something that suits your style and design. Opt for LED light bulbs to make your house more eco friendly and choose between either yellow or white light.

Update Your Outdated Electrical System

Hire a licensed electrician to update your old electrical system for the safety of everyone at home. Older houses were designed with 60 amps or below for the entire home, and only a few circuits were used. A circuit consists of electrical outlets linked by a circuit breaker or fuse on one wire, which protect the home by turning off and tripping when the wire becomes overloaded due to multiple appliance use.  

Unfortunately, older electrical systems don’t trip, so catching fire is likely. An old house’s circuit breaker won’t trip, causing the possible house fire, electrocution, and shock. The size and number of electric circuit breakers determine power distribution throughout your home, so if you have an outdated home, it’s important to update the following:

  • Upgrade your panel to bring more power to your home
  • Replace existing circuit breaker box and electric meter to handle more power
  • Replace damaged, dangerous, and obsolete electrical panels or circuit breakers
  • Add additional electrical circuits for proper power distribution to your appliances and rooms. 
  • Add new electrical outlets and replace old receptacles.
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Repair or Replace Your Roof

One of the most essential and vulnerable parts of a house is its roofing system. Outdated homes usually have missing and damaged shingles, so it’s crucial to contact a reliable roofing contractor to repair and replace your roof. 

Keep your home and your family safe and secure by ensuring that your roof is durable, reliable, and long-lasting. Ensure that it does its job to protect you and your family when strong winds, storms, and other environmental drafts strike.

Here are the signs that your roof needs repair or replacement:

  • Loose shingles
  • Damaged roof
  • Damaged gutter
  • Leaks in the attic or anywhere else as evidenced on wet ceiling and walls
  • Presence of mold around the house

Update your cabinetry

To change your kitchen into a designer space, updating your cabinetry is a must. You can achieve this by giving your cabinetry a new coat of paint and applying some designer wallpaper. Other ways you can update your cabinetry include: Removing and replacing cabinet hardware removing doors or adding glass inserts, adding crown molding and adding storage-saving solutions.

Landscape your outdoor space

Creating a beautiful garden has a wide range of benefits, and can create a great calm space in your household. Take a look at garden inspiration and plan out your dream design. To start planning, think of your wants and needs. Do you want an eco-friendly garden with your own veggie patch? An inground pool? Or maybe a cubby house for the children? Once you’ve created a list, you can get to work. Start by completing all the hardscaping first, before moving on to planting and placing accessories.

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Bring the greenery inside

One of the best ways to update your old household into your own oasis is to incorporate indoor plants and greenery inside your home. There are a variety of different plants that you can choose from, meaning you can adjust them to suit your needs, such as growing herbs for cooking. Indoor plants and gardens are becoming increasingly popular and also have a massive range of benefits. Some of these include: Boosting mood, productivity, and concentration, Reducing stress, cleaning indoor air and reducing colds and illnesses.

Upgrade your crown molding

Crown molding is another significant upgrade for your household and can be easy to install. Crown molding is what hides the seam in between your ceiling and wall. If your current crown molding is looking a bit worse for wear, updating it can create a whole new element inside your home. There are different kinds of crown molding on the market, but the most popular include sculpted, rounded, back-profiled, vinyl and plain.

So there you have it! Good luck on your restoration adventure, and remember always to do your research, and hire professionals if necessary, so that you can create your dream home. Still undecided on your style? Take this online quiz to find your home decorating style.

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