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An air conditioning system is a significant investment. That’s why if it breaks down, you need to find a trusted and good technician to repair it. Do research first. If not, you might pay someone who does poor work and overpay them for a basic service. We’ve listed how to choose the best air conditioning technician that meets your needs.

Tips For Choosing The Best Air Conditioning Repairman

1. Know Well Your Air Conditioners

Before hiring a technician, you better know your air conditioning system well. Make sure that you have complete knowledge of it, the brand, the model, and the history of maintenance you do with the system. Knowing the units well will also help you to diagnose the problem and solve it. Also, it helps to choose which service you need to repair the further problem.

Believe me. It saves more money. If you can fix small problems, you don’t need assistance from a professional technician anymore. Yet, for trickier problems, call one.

2. Use Recommendations

The best and easiest way to get the right technician is to ask for recommendations from family and friends. Or you can also see the reviews from other homeowners regarding the chosen repair company. Read the testimonials about their personal experiences, and select the best three and compare them. Don’t forget to see a technician who meets your costs and your needs.

3. Legal Compliance

The repair company needs a license. If you already choose a company, ask them their license number or business licenses. Or, to make sure if they’re the right choice, find records of their past jobs.

Another way is by checking whether they have proof of insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, or particular liability or not. If they don’t have one, you have to be prepared if any accidents happen in your units. You will be responsible. So, there must be a certificate of insurance which you can verify. Finally, don’t forget to ask the company to obey all safety and health regulations.

4. Experienced Company

An experienced technician is worthy. You may have a lot of air conditioning repair guys here in the US, but you’ve got to consider their amount of time doing the business as well as the area of expertise. It’s great if they have enough experience working on a specific brand that’s the same as yours. Thus, another thing to consider is choosing a technician who has worked on similar units before because they know exactly how to repair it.

To check if they’re experienced, you can ask several specific questions. This is part of your research, and to see whether they are equipped enough to solve your problems. You can ask questions, including the type of equipment they will use, whether they do multiple ways to repair the units and whether the job is completed quickly.

5. The Brand They Have

If replacement is the only solution, make sure that you ask the technician what manufacturers or brands they carry. If you have already a set on a specific model and make, make sure that the company you hire brings that model. But if the solution is not installing new units, make sure that they own parts that are compatible with the current brand you use.

You may wonder what happens if you don’t do regular maintenance or even don’t get your air conditioning repaired when you find problems with it. Here, we’d like to give you some information about the problem you may find in your units. We’ll see the common situation might happen.

Common AC Problems A Homeowner Might Face

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1. It Makes Noises

Air conditioning may make sounds depending on the problems it has. There are a variety of reasons why air conditioning produces sounds. Problems may be because of electrical components that fault working and producing a buzzing sound.

The fan motor or compressor problems; or if you find rattling, thumping, or banging noise, it means there is a motor or blower assembly problem. You can see more about this on sites like to overcome the problem. Other reasons are caused by a refrigerant leak and a relay problem that causes clicking sound when you turn off and on the AC.

2. AC Refrigerator Leak

AC has a component called AC refrigerant or Freon, which is responsible for cooling the air in your units. Freon is the actual mechanism of an AC to cool your home. And a refrigerant leak is one of the common problems you face that can cause a decrease in the air conditioner’s efficiency. The leak is also harmful to the environment.

3. Leaks Indoors And Outdoors

If water leaking from the AC indoor unit, it means your maintenance is overdue. A possible reason for it is because the condensate drains if the unit gets clogged up because of fungi or algae that brings the water to back up the pipe and leak into your house. Another reason is the broken condensate pump. If the second one happens, you need a replacement.

Meanwhile, the outdoors leak can be caused by a broken condensate pan, a dry air filter, improper installation, or AC bad seal.

4. Produces A Musty Odor

You may also find a pungent smell from your AC system. This is caused by the growth of mold. At the same time, a smokey smell means that several electrical components burnt inside the units. And if you find a gas smell, it might be the leakage of Methyl Mercaptan. The last one is dangerous (read more).

If the AC is turned on and you notice a rotten egg smell coming from it, insects or birds may get into your AC and die, which is the cause of that weird smell.

5. Blows Hot Air

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If you experience this and wonder why it is because of the dirty air filter. When the filter is blocked, the AC won’t be able to flow air normally. This results in weak airflow, or even it blows hot air, or not working at all.

A dirty filter can freeze up the AC’s condenser unit, and it can limit the cooling power. So, make sure you maintain the filter every month to get air free from pollutants and dust.¬†

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