Amazing Benefits of Floor Scrubbers You Can Pitch To Your Customers

A person using a floor scrubber to clean a floor.

Floor cleaning is one of the most important tasks of home and office maintenance. Usually, it’s done using mop and some water. But the process is inefficient and tiring. It remains to be one problem, both home and commercial building owners are looking an answer for. This is where sophisticated sophisticated floor scrubbers come into picture. 

A floor scrubber consists of a set of rotating brushes that replicate the brush scrubbing action. However, the difference lies in the precise mixture of cleaning chemical and the correct technique of scrubbing the floor. The scrubber also collects the residue through an in-built vacuum, ensuring that the floor is clean and dry. 

If you’re the owner of a floor cleaning business, you can pitch the below-mentioned benefits of a floor scrubber to your customers. It can be just after you’ve finalised the carpet cleaning work when you can propose floor scrubbing as an add-on service. Or, you can also pitch them directly. 

Either way, here are the benefits of floor scrubber you can include in your pitch.

Easier cleaning

Floor scrubbers are popular because of their sophisticated technology and effectiveness. Floor cleaning with mop and bucket requires much human effort and often fails to clean the floor properly. This becomes a problem, especially in high traffic areas. Not to forget mopping leaves the floor wet, which increases the likelihood of tripping or slipping. On the other hand, a floor scrubber dries it along the way. 

Even in small homes, mopping can be a tedious process. Also, manual mopping involves reusing dirty water from the bucket, which has a high chance of spreading countless germs and bacteria on the floor. So, while the floor may look clean, it actually isn’t. 

While floor scrubbing isn’t possible every day, unless the homeowners buy one, you can pitch for a monthly or half-yearly floor cleaning to your customers. 

Works well on hard floor

One way to clean hard floors is by pressure washing. Though it can clean the dirt efficiently, it will make the floor wetter than mopping. This would mean an increased risk of accidents due to slipping. This remains one of the reasons why people usually avoid pressure washing. Practically, floors with high footfall can’t be left idle for long and need a quick-dry mopping solution. 

Efficient floor cleaning technology

Floor scrubbers have seen many technological changes in the past few years. Although they are still evolving, they are good enough to do efficient cleaning. The efficiency of a floor scrubber can be attributed to its cleaning system. It can use either orbital or disc cleaning pads depending on the hard surface. Moreover, a scrubber machine which comes with ergonomic design which comes with ergonomic design and easy to use hand controls eliminates work fatigue and makes the scrubbing process seamless. 

Apart from these benefits, you can also give future insight to your customers. Floor scrubbers are evolving fast, and there are automatic scrubbing machines about to be launched in 2021 that will automate the entire scrubbing work. 

Moreover, as service providers, keep an eye on such a floor scrubbing machine and consider purchasing it. They will definitely attract high-value cleaning projects. 

Several options available

Owing to their increasing popularity, several companies are manufacturing amazing floor scrubbers. No wonder there is no shortage of options in the market. Their sizes vary from the ones similar to vacuum cleaners all the way to ride-on machines that weigh over thirty-three hundred pounds. Several types of floor scrubbers exist within these two extreme ranges. 

This point is more for you, the floor cleaning business owner than your customers. To position yourself as a one-stop solution of all the floor cleaning blues, you must research thoroughly on the types of floor scrubbers available and buy the ones that cater to the needs of your target audience. 

Final Word

Floor scrubbers are going to take over the mop and bucket system soon. So, it’s advisable to position yourself as reliable floor cleaners using efficient floor scrubbers. Consider including a varied range of floor scrubbers in your arsenal. Yes, picking the suitable ones will take time and efforts, but it will be worth it. 

Refer to the benefits of floor scrubber from this article and start tapping the right customers.

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