Different Types of Roof Styles

Kerala style house plans showcasing different types of roof styles.

Definitely, you will like to know the various available roofing options when it is time for you to roof your home. Indeed, you will notice that there are a lot of roofing styles when you look around the buildings located here and there in the cities. There is no doubt that more roofing styles will be introduced in the future given the constant improvement being witnessed in building technology today. Here are some popular roofing styles.

  • Mansard roofing style

A white house with green shutters and various roof styles.

This style of roofing consists of 4 slopes with each side of the building having two slopes. It is popular among the French. The advantage of Mansard roof is that it creates space for the addition of a loft.

  • Gambrel roofing style

A house with a unique green roof.

Gambrel roofing resembles the mansard roofing in several aspects. It’s a gable roof with 4 slopes.  Just as with mansard, each side of the building has two slopes. The lower slope is steeper than the upper ones. Unlike the mansard roof, in gambrel style, the roof hangs over the home’s façade. The style also has a vertical end. It is popular among the Germans.

  • Saltbox roofing style

A 3D rendering of a blue house with different types of roof styles.

This roofing option is suitable for saltbox home which is popular in England. In a saltbox home, there are two stories in front and one behind. Given the nature of the building, one side of the roof is longer than the other side.

  • Pyramid roof

A 3D image of a garage with a variety of roof styles.

As the name suggests, pyramid roof has the shape of a pyramid. It is commonly used for penthouse and small structures such as a pool house, garage and the likes.

  • Bonnet roof
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A house with a unique roof style.

Bonnet roofing style looks like the pyramid roof but two of its slides inclined at an angle. It is usually utilized for the roofing of a veranda or an outdoor area.

  • Flat roof

A small building with unique roof style on the corner of a street.

As implicit from the name, the roofing materials used here are laid flat. This gives them some advantages over other roofing options. For example, it is easy to construct and access. Standing on the roof is safer than standing on any other roofing styles. However, it requires regular maintenance and cleaning because debris normally clusters on the roof.

Other roofing options that you should know are:

  • cross gabled roof
  • hip roof
  • cross gabled roof
  • arched roof
  • skillion roof

The structure and style of your building determines which of the roofing styles is the best option for you.


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