Dining Room Tips: Ideas for a Small Dining Room

Don’t be discouraged! Any home can fit a dining room into its design, no matter how small it looks. Cheer up! Creativity is your haven when you don’t have plenty of space to build a traditional dining room.

Make a few tweaks here and there, do some repurposing, rethink the arrangement, add some unique paintwork or a statement piece, and that’s it! You have yourself a functional and aesthetic dining place that complements your interior design.

Scheme through the myriad small dining room ideas, and one thing is obvious; there’s no secret sauce to success. All you have to do is analyze your space and use what you have to mark out an eating area.

Small Dining Room Ideas: Where to Build a Dining room in Your Small Home

Don’t limit your options when thinking about location. Because all you need is table space and a few accompanying seats, you can fit a dining room in any place, including:

  • The kitchen,
  • An unused area in the living room,
  • The idle space near your staircase,
  • An empty hallway,
  • Any free Window, or
  • The balcony.

Even an unused corner can be furnished into an aesthetic eating area. What other spaces in your home can accommodate a dining room? The outdoors, your reading room…name them.

7 Small Dining Room Ideas to Try

But finding an appropriate location is only step number one in designing a small dining room.

Space restriction also means you must use tricks to build an eating place that’s functional and aesthetic without compromising other aspects of your interior.

Plus, you don’t have a separate room to design into a dining place, so you want your creative eating place to really stand out from other parts.

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Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Engage an unused window

The free area near a window can serve as a dining area. If your design allows you to build a seat into the window, add a table and preferred dining seats. Taking advantage of a window also ensures a well-lit and ventilated eating space connected to the outdoors.

dining room window

2. Use a mirror to make it look larger

Building your dining room in front of a mirror makes it look larger than it is. Mirrors also reflect light, further illuminating your dining place.

Creating an image or multiple reflections of your dining place gives a restaurant feel, making the room look even bigger.

Alternatively, you can add multiple mirrors with different designs to decorate and mark the space as an eating zone.

3. Extend a seat from the bookshelf/cupboard and add a dining table

The space in front of a shelf can serve as a dining area. Built-into-the-wall shelves and cabinets can be finished into seats.

Once you’ve repurposed it into a seat,  you can add a dining table and matching dining seats to complete your design.

This approach stands out among many and often harmonizes into a home’s design even if implemented as an afterward project.

4. Balcony Dining

The balcony is a not-so-common dining area, but you can steal this superb idea from restaurants and bring it back home.

Building your eating place outdoors offers a unique dining experience not found in many homes–you enjoy the serene scenery while feeding your appetite.

You also have plenty of decoration options to add to your space, from plants and flowers to creative lighting and painting.

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Balcony Dining

5. Build a Kitchen Island Dining Table

Erecting a stand-alone tabletop in your kitchen is another clever way to build a dining room in your tiny house. Lastly, drop a statement chandelier or pendant (s) to complete the dining feeling and add cozy seating.

Most kitchen islands are idle so repurposing this space into a dining table isn’t such a bad idea after all.

6. Use a statement table cloth and unique furniture.

If you must squeeze a dining area into your living room and make it stand out, then a statement table cloth is perhaps the most affordable way to go.

Choose a table cloth design that the eye cannot resist, and accompany with unique furniture. And if you still feel you haven’t done justice, drop lighting from the ceiling to reserve it as an eating place.

Use a statement table cloth and unique furniture

7. Paint a wall

Painting is a smart way to define spaces in your home. If you wish to draw everyone’s attention to your small dining room, consider painting the desired location with appetizing color themes.

Final words on Small Dining Room Ideas

Which dining room idea inspired you the most? Well, go ahead and try it in your space. However, make sure the location you choose is functional and doesn’t interfere with other elements of your interior design.

Lastly, remember to decorate your eating area to your preference.

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