Discover How Often You Should Repeat Termite Treatment 

A man is using a tool for Termite Treatment in the ground.

Termites can do a huge amount of damage in very little time. It’s possible for a colony to eat through a foot of a 6 x 4 piece of wood in just five months. That may not sound like a lot but you should consider what would happen if you took that amount of wood out of any support in your home. 

Now imagine it spread across several supports and you’ll see how quickly termites can cause you a headache.

If you discover termites you’re going to want to take prompt action and, once you’ve eliminated them, make sure they don’t come back.

The question is how often should you apply the termite treatment?

Type of Treatment

It’s important to differentiate first between liquid based treatment and termite bait traps.

The termite bait trap is placed near where you suspect the termite activity to be. Inside the trap you place food that the termites will love to eat, that’s anything cellulose based. Termites live and work as a colony, only some of them find food and they bring it back to the colony. 

When a termite finds your bait box it will take a little back to the colony. Once it is satisfied that the food is good the bait box is marked. This is when you can change the bait for poisoned cellulose material. The workers then take the poisoned food back to the colony and can kill the entire colony in one go!

All you have to do is position the termite box and monitor it every three to four months. This will ensure there are always the right ingredients to entice or kill termites. 

The alternative is to use a liquid based treatment. This is sprayed directly onto the termites and into the wood around where they live. The chemical will kill the termites instantly. However, the problem can often be how to get the chemical to the colony and make sure its eradicated.

This is why the liquid chemicals are generally handled by the professionals. Of course, the fact that they are also very dangerous is a good reason to make sure the professionals are the ones distributing them.

Liquid based treatments don’t just kill termites on contact. They also soak into the wood and prevent the termites from returning. One application can last as long as five years. However, it is worth checking this to ensure it remains effective for the whole five years.

You should invest in repeating the process even if you don’t have termites, it simply shows the chemical solution was working.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with termites doesn’t have to be a nasty business. It’s best to get a little help and listen to the professionals regarding keeping the termites out in future. This can save you a lot of money in repairs and hassle in insurance claims.

Done properly the termites will be eliminated for good, although they will still be living near your home. 

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