Factors That Determine the Fence Installation Costs in 2021

A man is installing a metal fence.

Homeowners are nowadays investing more and more into enhancing their house’s exterior. To do this, people are turning towards installing decorative metal & wood fences around their homes.

Fences are not a new trend in enhancing the house exterior. On the contrary, they are a very old way. Most houses have fences for security purposes and to improve the look of their backyard.  The fencing industry in the USA was around $ 8.3 billion in 2019, which is a pretty significant number.

Fence installation costs can vary based on the type of fence and the area it needs to cover. Some of the best fences are pretty expensive. Fortunately, you can find fence companies with financing near you to help get that beautiful fence with no credit-check required. 

Here are certain factors that determine the cost of fencing in 2021.

Area to Be Covered By the Fence

A fence’s overall cost is determined in part by this obvious yet significant factor. If you have a shorter length to be covered with a fence, the costs will be low. But if you have a vast area that needs to be surrounded by fencing, the costs can be very high.

Moreover, if the area is located at a remote site, the charges for setting up fencing can change due to other factors like transportation costs as well as machinery and labor costs.

Material Used in the Fence

The material that makes up the overall structure of the fence is another obvious factor that affects how expensive it is. If the material used in the fence is very light and brittle, there are high chances that your fence breaks easily, leaving you unprotected. 

However, if you plan on using a hefty and sturdy material, the costs can go way up. It is essential to choose a suitable material for your fence, keeping in mind the required security levels.

Height of the Fence

Fencing service providers usually charge on feet, and thus if you plan to build a very high fence, your costs will go high. Usually, a six to ten feet tall fence is suitable for every place.

Homeowners usually like to stick with 6 feet high fences as they provide the required security and look well with the house. 

Contractor’s Experience

In the service industry, greater experience directly resorts to higher prices. If you choose to proceed with a heavily experienced contractor in the fencing field, you can expect to spend extra money.

Highly experienced contractors demand high prices due to their expertise in providing the services. 

You can also get the best fencing option at a lower cost from a contractor who has little or no experience. It is all up to your requirements and your budget.


Fences are not just ordinary walls. They’ll be the first thing people notice when visiting. People seem to understand this quite well nowadays. Hence there is an immense rise in demand for designer fences. 

Consumers are no longer looking for wooden and steel planks fitted directly in front of their homes. Instead, they are looking for bespoke pieces that uplift their house’s exterior. 

As the design gets more complex and intricate, the fencing solution’s prices tend to increase. A more straightforward fence structure will cost less.

If you have a budget and want to stay within it, try choosing minimal designs. Highly intricate designs with many holes in the structure will only lead to a less secure fence. 

Hence while choosing a design, you should check the requirements of your security and budget constraints.


Fence companies with finance options often help their clients to decorate their fences a little more. They let their clients choose from a variety of illumination options. 

If you want your fence to be decorated entirely and illuminated, be sure to spend a little more. The more things you add to the fence, the higher the cost.

Lighting plays a vital role in providing an aesthetic appeal to your fencing solution. Hence choosing the proper lighting is also essential.

If you plan to use heavy lighting on your fencing, it might affect your initial budget and increase future electricity bills. Prudent decision-making will allow you to find a balance between costs and aesthetics.


The primary purpose of fencing is to increase security to your property. Hence, the level of security that you wish to achieve will directly affect how expensive it is. 

If you choose a very high-security fencing solution, the chances are that your costs will also skyrocket. This is why it’s crucial to only go for as much security as is necessary, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Fencing costs vary greatly, and it is tough to create a balance between every factor. Good decision-making is required to get it done within your budget. 

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