First-time dog owner? Prepare yourself :)

A small dog is laying on a white surface.

The decision to buy or adopt a dog is something like marriages from Hollywood movies. We all see only that part when they happily say “I do”. No one shows the first quarrel over the socks left on the room floor. Don’t get me wrong, this decision will surely bring you a lot of happiness and love, and hopefully, you will live happily ever after. But be no doubt that this decision implies compromises. A lot of compromises. Especially if your new four-legged member is coming to live with you in your apartment.

Choose a breed wisely

Do you know how they say dog owners have a lot in common with their pets? There is some truth in that. Probably because we choose the type of dog that suits us best in character. So, let that be the first piece of advice for you too. Think carefully about your life habits and choose a dog accordingly.

A collage of pictures of dogs playing with a toy for first-time dog owners.
The character of your dog must match your lifestyle in order to be a harmonious team

If you like to spend time in nature and play sports, then you need a dog that will accompany you in that and be in an athletic mood. You don’t want a little sloth who won’t want to walk for more than 10 minutes, let alone run after you. And vice versa. Please do not take a large dog unless you intend to give it enough activity throughout the day.

Prepare for the puppy

Now that you have chosen your little friend try to adjust the basics in the apartment so that you do not suffer the damage it can cause. Some people are lucky that their pets did not destroy anything in the home, but I must admit that I know very few such people. Puppies are unmannerly and naughty when they are small, and you have to accept that.

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Two pictures of a golden retriever puppy.
Dogs are unspeakably cute creatures that bring about as much headache

They will probably defecate in the apartment for the first few days, weeks, or even months if you are unlucky enough. It will also nibble a lot, so you better put away what you wouldn’t want to ruin. Depending on his mood, small things, shoes, and stuff like that can be damaged, but also much larger ones. In my case, a couch, two rugs, and chairs. Good luck!

Give him his corner

Just like humans and dogs love to have their place. Plus, it will help you with educational measures. When you send him to his place for punishment, the dog must know where it is. It is advisable to have his bed but be fully prepared to replace at least 5-6 of those until he grows up. Let him always have water available in his container because dogs drink a lot of fluids, and it isn’t good for him to be thirsty.

A collage of pictures showcasing a first-time dog owner's room.
Just like you and your dog loves to have his own little corner where he feels relaxed and safe

It’s wise to give him his own food container and to feed him at certain times of the day. This will make training easier, and you will avoid him gaining too much weight. Some breeds like Labradors just don’t know how to stop eating, so be sure to limit their meals.

Go through the training and socialize the dog

It is especially important to socialize the dog while he is still small. It means bringing him into contact with humans and other animals so that he can learn to behave politely. The more you make friends with dogs while he is small, the fewer problems you will have later with potential fights. Second, training is essential.

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Two pictures of a first-time dog owner and their pet dog.
Do not neglect the importance of obedience training because your dog could become a burden instead of a pleasure

It is better for your dog to listen to you than to spend the next ten years frustrated by the consequences. All dogs need obedience training. Often owners of small dogs do not want to train a dog because they think it cannot cause harm because of its size. But that is not true. A little dog can also bite. And it’s not fun to live with a spoiled creature, no matter how cute he was.

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