Pets & Home Decor: Everything You Need to Maintain Your Style

A dog sleeping on a blanket with a laptop, blending pets and home decor.

We won’t judge if you secretly covet celebrity dogs living large in the Hollywood Hills. In fact, we’ll celebrate it with you. Let’s start with Paris Hilton’s pup, Diamond Baby. This teacup chihuahua has her own 300-square-foot dog house modeled after Hilton’s home, as reported by WebMD. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner built a dog house resembling a guest home built for her dog crew. It even includes a white picket fence.

After you’ve fantasized about your furry friends living in the mansions of dog celebrities, you can focus on a refresh of your own home decor. It’s entirely possible to embrace your signature style while honoring the furry friends in your home. Here’s how to get started.

Add a stylish hutch

Although dogs can enjoy celebrity style pet mansions, smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs require a different type of home. A roomy cage works to keep your small pets cozy and secure, but a stylish animal hutch adds more personality and an upscale aesthetic to your home. Choose from classic stacked animal hutches or bunny homes that resemble adorable farm life to add to your home’s decor.

A pet-friendly living room featuring a TV and stylish home decor.

Use forgiving colors

There’s no need to give up your favorite color scheme in your home, but pick and choose where to add vibrant hues wisely. Painting your walls a bright cobalt blue is probably a safe bet, but not for a sofa, as it’s bound to collect hair or fur. The same goes for carpet and tiles. A few accidents are likely to soil your floors, but a quick clean-up works well on floors with neutral colors. Save the vibrant colors for areas your pets aren’t likely to cozy up to and use neutral shades for the rest.

How to Turn Your Yard into a Pet Friendly Place

Create a cozy space for everyone

Whether you’re a person or a pet, home decor should include cozy space for everyone in the house. Look for stain-resistant sofas and armchairs to curl up and watch a good movie with your favorite furry friend. You can also add a dog bed or kitty condo in a cozy corner to create a sacred space in your home. Include throw pillows, blankets and your pet’s favorite toys, and cuddle together after a long day at work and barking at cars passing by.

A dog is lounging in a stylish dog bed, adding pizzazz to the living room.

Incorporate area rugs

Hardwood floors and tiles may look inviting but can be hard on both feet and paws. Give your household a break by adding comfortable area rugs that can easily be picked up and cleaned. After all, convenience is key with puppies who aren’t housebroken yet and cats prone to kneading with their claws to unwind. Area rugs are also a good way to incorporate texture and patterns to freshen up your decor without making a big commitment to wall-to-wall carpeting and new floors.

Show off your whole family

Home decor can transform your home from average to a work of art but still needs to represent your family’s personality. Add framed photos of your family and pets, colorful pet-friendly artwork depicting dogs, cats and any other friends in your home. Include keepsakes that represent your entire family like seashells in a colorful bud vase from a beach trip with your dog or pebbles from the mountain lake where you brought your cat, bunny or special guinea pig for a family getaway.

The real secret behind pet and home decor is making it comfortable, stylish and totally functional for both you and your favorite friends. Start by setting up a special hutch or cozy pet bed and incorporate your family’s personality to transform your home into a pet-friendly haven.

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