How to Create A Secret Door and Hidden Room in Your Home 

A living room with bookshelves, a couch, and a secret door.

There are many uses for hidden rooms, and they may range from game rooms to libraries to secret meeting rooms. If you’ve decided to build your own secret room, there are a few steps to follow. Because hidden rooms use secret entrance ways and doors, it’s key that you think your idea through fully before you get to work.

Consider placement of your secret room

When choosing a location for your hidden room, keeping the space a secret is the top priority. Here are some ideas if you’re unsure where to begin:

Behind a bookshelf

Consider installing a door into the space if you have an available room behind bookshelves that have been built into the walls of your home. You could even build your own customisable bookshelf using invisible hinges to create a uniquely secret door to your special room.

In your basement

If you have a basement that isn’t often used, it may be the perfect place for your hidden room. A completely open basement is very similar to having an empty page when it comes to building and planning a personalised hidden room.

Inside or behind closets

Build a secret door in the back of your closet. This is especially a good idea if it attaches to another room that isn’t accessible from another area in your home. Although these secret rooms are often smaller, they can be perfect for those looking to build a totally top-secret area.

Set a budget

Consider purpose: consider the intended purpose of your secret room to determine if you will need any special preparations before getting started.

Consider size: how big is the room you’re building? Will it be an addition to your home? Or, are you repurposing a space you don’t use?

Consider entrance: if you’re planning to create a custom entrance, think about how much space you’ll require and what type of doors will work best. It is also crucial to ensure that the door will not block any other entrances when it is open.

Four steps to building the room and doorway:

1. Choose the best place

As noted above, there are quite a few potential places for your hidden room. Whether you choose a closet, basement or bookshelf, make sure you’re committed once you’ve picked a place.

2. Create a plan

After you’ve chosen the perfect place, it’s time for you to put together a plan. For entire rooms, you might need an architect and a professional contractor and even for the handiest DIYers, smaller rooms are likely to still be a challenge.

3. Get your materials together

Once you have a good plan and have measured TWICE, make sure you get all the materials you need to build your secret room.

Consider getting everything in advance so you are prepared for every eventuality. Remember to get tools, wall shelf brackets, drywall, finishing touches, screws, nails, and whatever you think you might need.

4. Start to build

Once the idea, the plan and all the materials are ready, it’s time to get building.

Whether you’re building a truly secret place to keep valuables, or you want a private room for some peace and quiet or to show off to your friends, don’t underestimate your own abilities.

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