Lawn Care

A green lawn with trees and shrubs in need of lawn care.


Taking care of your lawn does not have to be an enormous time-consuming challenge. It can be much easier than you might expect, as long as you take care to do things properly and ensure that you prioritize the most important areas of lawn care. With a bit of careful work and some regular maintenance, you can keep your lawn healthy and strong enough to resist weeds, disease, and dehydration reliably. Below, you will find a basic introduction to the most important parts of lawn care and how you should approach it.


The most important part of lawn care is regular mowing. It is worth investing in a good quality mower from – ideally a reel mower, as these are much less environmentally harmful than most alternatives – as this is a tool you will be using on a regular basis through the lifespan of your lawn.

The reason mowing is so important is that longer grass requires more water and nutrients to grow properly and healthily. Cutting the grass short means that it is less hungry for resources, making it easier to maintain it in a healthy condition. Mowing can also encourage thicker growth of more leaves.

However, if you cut too much off the grass, the plant can experience problems. It is better to remove a small amount of grass on a regular basis than to chop off a large amount occasionally. Try not to cut shorter than about 3 inches, and do not remove more than a third of the plant’s height in a single mowing session.

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Watering is an important part of lawn care, but it is also an easy one as long as you know what you are doing. You do not need to water often at all, but it is important to water heavily when you do. You need to give the grass enough water to soak at least 6 inches down into the ground, encouraging the roots to grow downwards for a strong, healthy system. Watering lightly and frequently will only moisten the surface, leaving the grass without strong, healthy roots.


Weeding is not particularly difficult, but it is something that needs to be done regularly, particularly when your lawn is new. The grass is good at competing with weeds, so a well-established lawn generally does not leave much room for weeds. When a lawn is new, though, the grass is not yet able to properly crowd out weeds, so it will need a bit more attention.

If your lawn is well established and you are still getting a lot of weed growth, that is because the grass is too weak to compete properly. Try watering more frequently and heavily or cutting it a little longer to let it photosynthesize better.


Lawn care is a relatively straightforward process. You just need to get a good routine into place that you can follow regularly in order to keep your lawn up and running at all times. It does not need to be very time-consuming, as long as you mow and water regularly and keep an eye on things!

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