How to Incorporate Speakers Into Your New Home

A black TV stands on top of a stone wall, demonstrating how to incorporate speakers.

What’s better than to come home from work and watch your favorite series? The excitement every new episode brings is something we can all relate to.

However, there is a way to make this experience even better. Of course, there is nothing wrong with watching your favorite movie on a laptop or a simple TV, but if you want to elevate your me-time even more, you should look into a speaker system. 

Don’t worry; this won’t have to cost a fortune. You can look into the best speakers under 5000 to make your home even better and impress everyone that comes by for a movie night!

When you’re done with your purchase, you will have to think hard to set your speakers in the best way possible. This way, you will get the best and clearest sound and an overall better experience while watching films or listening to music. 

Photo by Loewe Technology on Unsplash

Where to start?

Firstly, you should know that there isn’t a perfect formula that will help you incorporate speakers into your home in an ideal way.

The first and most important step is to look at your room and observe: how is the TV positioned, what shape is the room, and most importantly, where are the seats? All of this will come in handy later on.

Keep these things in mind

Although it is common knowledge to most, we have to remind you to avoid putting objects in front of your speakers! This will drastically interfere with the sound.

In addition, speakers should always be along the length of the room, and the seats should ideally be closer to the middle of the space.

You will probably have your speakers on a cabinet or attached to a wall, so keep in mind that it is best if your speakers are in level with your ears. 

Small things that matter

Sometimes, it’s the tiny things that can improve the sound quality the most. For example, try to keep your speakers a few centimeters away from the wall: if they are directly on the wall, the sound won’t be as clear. 

If you put your speakers on a desk or a cabinet, you should think of getting a thin foam to put underneath the speakers. That way, you will prevent the entire table from vibrating due to the strong sound of the speakers. It will be a much more pleasant experience, especially if you have things on the mentioned desk. 

Surround Sound Speaker

A home theater is a perfect choice for those ready to invest in something more expensive and want a premium experience. A perfect home theatre has to have central, left, and right speakers as a basis. Some people would argue that the central speakers aren’t necessary, but they are needed for the best overall experience and a rich sound. If you have a central speaker, the sound will seamlessly transition from left to right and vice versa. 

The left and right speakers will ensure the sound arrives from all sides of the room, making the media feel more real. We’ve already mentioned that it is important for speakers to be at the level of your ear, but with left and right speakers, it is even more important!

Now we have the base of your home theatre covered. The sound will be amazing, but it can be even better with some additions. For example, surround speakers can be a great asset and bring the experience to another dimension. 

Lastly, you can add subwoofers to your collection. If you don’t know what a subwoofer is, it is a speaker that boosts the lowest frequencies of the audio. When listening to music, it can help with bass guitars or kick drums, and it is also great for amplifying the quality of low voices and movie effects. This isn’t a must, but if your heart desires it, it will make your home theatre even better. 

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