How to Incorporate Traditional Rugs in Your Modern Home

A living room with traditional rugs.

If you want to add a bit of excitement to your room, add a rug. While that might not be enough, there are many other ways to incorporate a certain style into your house. Whether you are going through renovation or moving to a new place, you need to figure out where to place all of your furniture. And one of the most important aspects when arranging the furniture is the placement of area rugs.

Let’s be honest, finding the right rug can be challenging, in size and pattern, no matter how many times you set up the furniture placement and measure the room. The good news is that we’ll help you decorate every room in your house by providing some useful tips on how to incorporate traditional rugs into your modern home. Furthermore, you can check Momeni’s site and check the traditional area rug by Momeni collection that highlights some of their best designs. In the meantime, you can follow up with our tips and advice to learn more about styling traditional rugs.

How to Style the Living Room

All of the rooms in our house are important, however, the living room has that special feel because it’s the place where we gather with our friends and family. So, to place a rug in the living room, you need to consider certain factors, like the room size, room structure, and direction compared to the rest of the house. For smaller living rooms you can go with a bigger rug that can fit all of the furniture to give a sense of unity in the place. Or, you can go with a smaller rug that can float in the room and place it under the coffee table. This way you’ll anchor the space nicely and allow space for walking around the furniture.

For middle-sized and larger rooms you can go with a larger traditional rug and anchor the furniture on the front legs. A bigger rug is used to provide a frame for your space, so you need to place the entire furniture on the rug. Alternately, you can use a couple of rugs to define different areas in your living room in case it’s extremely large. Even if the standard rug sizes don’t work well with your room dimensions, you can follow these same principles and buy a custom traditional rug.

How to Style the Dining Room

One way of styling your dining room with a traditional rug is to center the rug under the dining table and make sure it’s large enough to be placed under all of the chairs. The key is to make sure all of the chairs are placed on the rug when they have been pulled away from under the table. Certainly, you don’t want half of the chair to be on the rug and the other half on the floor. If you are not sure which size of rug to buy, pull out the chairs around the table and take measurements. 

Regarding the design and patterns, you can go with a more colorful and cheerful design. The dining room is the place where your kitchen is and where you spend time having meals. Adding a sense of cheerfulness and character will give a better impact on the entire design.

How to Style the Bedroom

You can incorporate a traditional area rug in your bedroom as well. It’s a common practice to introduce oriental and traditional rugs in a modern home and create a sense of unity. When it comes to the bedroom, the size depends on the bed. In terms of placing the rug, you have several options. From placing the rug under the bed, up to the front. In case you want to lay the rug perpendicular to the bed, you need to pull it under it and maximize the amount of free space available. 

Don’t spend hours trying to match colors. If you try to match them completely, you’ll end up with an artificial look. One of the tricks you can use is to start with a rug and pull the colors from there. If you are afraid to go with bold colors, start small. A traditional rug with a rectangular shape is the perfect choice as a starting point.

A traditional brown rug in the living room.

Mixing Rugs

Mixing rugs is easy. However, you need to do it properly so you don’t have a dull design at the end of the day. One of the easiest ways to stick with the same color palette when mixing rugs is to change the design and keep the color. You can start with a natural rug and go from there. Playing with shapes will help you figure out which shapes would look the best. You can check these tips for decorating with rugs to add variety, and harmony and get some ideas on color schemes.

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