How to Tell If You Need Residential Roofing Replacement

A man is replacing a residential roof on a house.

Your home’s roof is the main thing keeping you and all of your possessions from getting soaked by the rain, but it is also one of the core parts of your property as a whole. If it gets damaged, then you often have to replace it at least partially – and identifying the ideal times to replace it can make a big difference.

Roof Age

An older roof is far more prone to wear and tear, which can quickly start to snowball as it wears down further and further. If your home roofing has been there since you moved in, then it is likely going to be quite a few years old – and the older it gets, the weaker it becomes.

Most roofing sections are meant to last between 20 to 25 years before suffering any age-related damage, but once they age too much, they can become even more vulnerable. It is common for an older roof to leak more or begin to warp much easier, so replacing them early can avoid these problems.

Missing Shingles

If your shingles are falling off, that usually means that the roof itself is starting to loosen and break. The more shingles fall off, the more vulnerable your roof becomes, which can often cause leaks or open parts of it up to further weather damage.

Shingles do not have to have fallen off to be a problem, either. Cracked shingles, as well as shingles that are starting to curl, can be a sign that they are getting gradually worn out and damaged. These can be a health hazard if they fall, and you are best off replacing the roofing entirely.

Understanding the Risks of Lichen Infestation on Roofs


Noticing dark streaks on your home roofing can often hint at algae damage, but the streaks are not a serious problem on their own. However, the algae can be the result of water damage and other major issues and can begin to weaken certain parts of your roofing as it spreads.

If your roof has become too infested with algae to easily remove it, then you may need to start replacing large parts of the roof instead. This is the best option if you are beginning to see the algae taking over more and more of the roof each month since cleaning it off will not necessarily stop it for good.

Other Reasons

Really, there can be countless reasons to replace your roof. Maybe you have started to worry about it and want to replace it just to get peace of mind, or you have noticed issues with the roof surface sagging a little bit. Some people get their home roof replaced purely for aesthetic reasons.

Whatever your reason for wanting to replace it, remember to consider using a professional replacement service instead of doing it DIY. If you are aiming for the best possible quality, then having an expert replace your roof is better than risking it on your own.

It is not hard to search for local options in your area: terms like “residential roofing replacement services in Bucks County, PA” can give you a quick overview of every specialist within your local area.

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