Is Hiring A Custom Walk-in Closet Designer Worth It?

A woman designing a walk-in closet.

When you move into a larger new home or downsize into a smaller space, the storage solutions are often an overlooked aspect. They’re usually left for last because they have been seen as less important than other factors such as location and design. 

But it doesn’t take long before your closet has become one of those “red-haired stepchildren” that no longer fit in with what we expect from our homes today. It’s also a tedious task looking for a custom walk-in designer who can be up to the challenge. 

You may not be aware of the essential role of your walk-in closet in your home, but it not only adds up value to your home but makes your life a lot more convenient than what you expected it to be.

In this article, the goal is simple. Practical expectations are listed that you should have if your closet designer helps plan out a game plan for designing clothes. Check it all out, and make sure your custom closet designer should be up to the task.

Set Your Expectations

Designing your custom walk-in closet is a complicated task since you do not know where to start and what style you should have for one of the worthy investments you make in your lifetime.

Here are the top expectations when hiring a custom closet designer:

Set Your Master Closet Beautiful, Even If Efficiency is Your Priority

As with any designer (whether it is your interior or exterior), a closet’s design should be tailored to the user and reflect their lifestyle.

The right professional will offer you not only an aesthetic vision for how well-organized your closet can be. But functional space can look great.

When looking for a closet designer, they must understand your needs and preferences. 

Your feature wall—the most visible part of the space may be recommended by them as an ideal place to hang garments or rods, which will help stage things effectively while also making use of any available storage options like drawers or shelves.

You can expect your closet designer to have a game-plan on how they will make the narrowest of closets feel more open by moving hanging clothes away from where you enter.

Your closet designer will help you design your shoe collection and decide how best to display them on raised shelves (if spacious) or store them in a reach-in/small walk-in type of space.

Designs in Ending Your Closet Storage ‘BATTLES’

Have you been sharing a closet with your partner who, if being brutally honest, is messy and unorganized? Can you not stand the feeling of filth from their clothes on top of yours, which makes using this space stressful for both of you?

It is hard when there is no dividing line between what messes belong in each person’s half.  The good news is that this will all be over soon.

Your closet designer will help end this agony and battlefield that both you and your roommate/partner have been suffering with for years!

Plan ‘Personal Ergonomics’ With You

Not all people are created equal. You may be thinking it does not take a genius-closet designer to figure that one out, and you are right about that.

That is if you compare cheap wire or stationary wood closet systems. But there is more than just their design flexibility which needs consideration when getting the best fit for your home.

The design of this product does not allow for different heights, and it is only adjustable from a single position.

Being vertically challenged is not easy. Making you be more considerate and pay more attention to the height of your closet.

We know that a closet needs to be adjustable to adjust the space between your walls. Refuse any ‘one size does not fit all’ approach for closet designs.

Your Closet Designer Should Be Competitive

Would you not be more comfortable going under the knife for heart surgery if it was done by someone who has experience and qualifications in this field? I think so.

Then, if you are looking to hire a closet designer who is not associated with the professional industry professional association (The Association of Closet and Storage Professionals), why would you want this?

The quality of your clothing should be a top priority. You deserve to have an expert who knows what they are doing with clothes, so why not call someone with years and expertise?

To be a progressive designer nowadays, you have to rub elbows with the “best of the best around this area or region.” It is impossible if one is not recognized by their peers and attends industry conferences.

Sky’s The Limit

Custom closets are the best way to maximize space and organization. The sky’s no limit when you’re designing your own, but these expectations listed can help keep your expectations down the line.

You will be surprised how many people are willing to share their experiences with you once they realize that a custom walk in closet organizer can give homeowners a sense of calm and order. You might even find out your friend or neighbor has already installed them in all future homes.

If you are in Florida, JB Closets can meet your expectations and even go beyond them. Get your consultation and have the closet of a lifetime.

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