A Lighthouse Home Shines Bright

Coastal lighthouse at sunset with warm lighting

Who doesn’t love a lighthouse?  These iconic beacons guide vessels safely around coasts worldwide.  You can either live in an actual lighthouse (yes, there are lighthouses for sale) or simply build a home architecturally inspired by lighthouses.  The lighthouse home is whimsical, beautiful and full of character.

A black and white lighthouse home with a pool and deck.

The View

Imagine climbing a winding staircase and having a 360 degree view of your surroundings.  What a great place to have your morning cup of coffee, wouldn’t you say?

A lighthouse home with a red brick house.
Charming home (6sqft.com)

A lakeside retreat is made even more special with a home that is inspired by a lighthouse.  You can have an unobstructed view of the water from every angle and enjoy lake breezes from multiple windows.

A home resembling a lighthouse sits on the shore of a lake.

The Stature

Standing tall and sturdy, a lighthouse offers a unique refuge as a home.  The iconic shape draws the eye and gives the home a grand stature.

A lighthouse home.

A home with a lighthouse turret has a certain character that is recognized and loved.

A lighthouse home.
Lighthouse architectural feature (newenergyworks.com)


If could be fun to design your own lighthouse-inspired home and create a sanctuary filled with maritime character.  You don’t even have to live on the water to enjoy the advantages of living in a lighthouse.

Charming home plan with lighthouse feature (tyreehouseplans.com)

Lighthouses instill a sense of wonder, awe and appreciation in many that view them.  A cliff-side is a great location for a lighthouse-inspired home.

A lighthouse home sits atop a hill overlooking the water.

A lighthouse turret is a standout feature that can’t be missed.  A panorama of windows and a top-floor balcony add drama and rich character to a home.

A white home with a lighthouse.
Stunning home with lighthouse appeal (homeaway.com)

The shape of lighthouses vary, ranging from octagonal, round to square.  Which shape appeals to you?

A lighthouse home sits on a lawn next to the ocean.
Charming home with lighthouse detail currently for sale (Zillow)
A white lighthouse sits on the shore of a body of water, serving as a home.
A quaint lighthouse-inspired home on the shore (Coastal Living)

A lighthouse home.

A lighthouse home.
Gorgeous lighthouse turret (Pinterest)

A Look Inside

Inside a lighthouse or a home inspired by one, ceiling height is a breathtaking feature.  Soaring up with wood beams or decorative molding, a lighthouse interior is stunning.  A light-filled space is sure to please and offer a great spot for entertaining.

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A spacious living room with wood beams in a lighthouse home.

A large living room with a fireplace and large windows in a lighthouse home.
Vast vertical space inside a lighthouse-inspired home (homebunch.com)

Even a small touch of lighthouse inspiration can make a strong statement in a home.  This stairway post greets visitors with an unexpected whimsy.

A white and black lighthouse home with a staircase in the foyer.
Charming lighthouse detail (chiccreationambiance.com)

A lighthouse rises from the floor in this open kitchen and dining area.  The railing surrounding the upper floor allows this charming feature full attention.

A spacious lighthouse home featuring a large kitchen and dining room with a spiral staircase.
Dining with a lighthouse (today.com)

A cozy space is created at the top of a lighthouse and is the perfect spot for daydreaming or relaxing.

A lighthouse home with a spiral staircase and a couch.
Room with a view (themodernhouse.com)

A small nook nestled within this winding staircase offers a tucked-away haven.

Imagine waking up at the center of a lighthouse.  A stunning view is the centerpiece of this bedroom.

A cozy lighthouse home with a circular bed and bookshelves.
Dramatic architecture and stunning view (HGTV)

Climbing a winding staircase to look out at the sea is a treat not many experience.  A circular window seat makes for optimal comfort while viewing.

A lighthouse home with large windows overlooking the ocean.
Beautiful views (6sqft.com)

There is no denying the appeal of a lighthouse.  They are the beacons of the sea, protecting and warning sailors for centuries.  Let these iconic structures guide you home on the water or anywhere you desire.  Take inspiration from the lighthouse shape and architectural features to create a home worthy of maritime lore.

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