Looking for home financing? Here are some tips for you

A couple looking for home financing sitting at a table with a laptop.

Buying a home can be really difficult when it is your first time and you are self-employed. Having your home is kind of a blessing and the feeling of owning a house is really unique and refreshing. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get everything handed in on a silver plate.

Stocks or real estate?

Stocks or real estate could be difficult to manage especially when you don’t know much about them. Here in this brief article, we are going to share a few tips for you.

  • One size doesn’t fit all: When you are making a decision to buy a house, you will probably see many other people who have bought the house. These people will share the stories of how they managed everything and bought a house. However, you should know that you will be getting a mortgage 101 guide from everyone you meet who has bought the house and somehow understand your situation. But one size doesn’t fit all. All these people would have different circumstances compared to you; thus, your own finances could be different from theirs. It is advised to have a better arrangement of your finances before moving forward with the process of buying a house.
  • Sharing your home custody with your partner: People who are single and self-employed could have a hard time with the qualification of a mortgage but if you share your home with a partner and he or she has his or her own employment then the chances of getting qualified for a higher amount of mortgage is possible. But at the same time, parents-to-be could face some challenges because of their maternity or parental leave. This happens because people with new responsibilities tend to ignore the installments of the home mortgage and focus on the newborn.This is not good for the mortgage business, so make sure to get a mortgage when you have not so much going on in your life. Many experts in Canada suggest that if you are single or divorced, ask a family member to cosign the mortgage application and it would make things easier for you, but the family member must be an earning member. You wouldn’t want to look bad by getting cosigned by someone who is wasting his or her life. The purpose of cosigning is to show off that both owners have the financial means to help with the payment.
  • Having less baggage: If you are someone who is applying for a first-time mortgage loan and have no other loans such as car payments or credit card bills, then the chances of getting a mortgage are really bright. However, those who have been juggling with a lot of loans, then getting a mortgage have fewer chances. The bank or the credit unions have to check the total debt ratio so that people could pay back.
  • Put a large amount as a down payment: Lastly, when you have a large amount to put as a down payment, the chances of getting a bigger amount of loan are greater.
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