The Wonderful World of Buying in Bulk

A man navigating through a warehouse filled with carts overflowing with products.

Shopping List

How many reasons did you come up with for buying bulk items? If you are like 99% of people, you probably considered at least four to five reasons. There are not many reasons not to buy in bulk if you use the item often. On the other hand, if the item is not used commonly, but the thing is on double sale, there still may be a good reason to buy the item and store it away. So with your handy list of ideas for buying in bulk, let’s compare notes.

Save Money

At the top of my list is saving money. I don’t know about you, but this is one of the biggest reasons I buy in bulk. Like the last time I purchased walnuts from was for that very reason. I had walnuts almost half the year, but it was a good feeling that I saved $10 on the purchase by purchasing more. Plus I was able to use the big bag they came in for the rest of the year to store stuff away. We are not always needing to run out and buy gauze and Band-Aids for our first-aid box, but if we did need bulk medical supplies, we would keep our eyes peeled for them on sale. It could be we just found a sale on Bayer aspirin which the whole family uses and buying for a year is feasible.

Saving Time

Saving time may not seem like it is a significant saving at first, but consider this. If you buy a case of ketchup, say at Costco or Sams, you have to go down one aisle once a year. Yes, that is a big box of ketchup. However, if you choose to purchase the regular small container at your regular Walmart or Kroger, you end up going to find the same amount of ketchup 16 times. Instead of spending one minute, you have now spent at least 32 minutes for the same amount of ketchup. If you take that same purchase to the next level and consider the effort you put into that purchase, it may seem like you spend more effort lifting that big box into your cart when you bought bulk, but in actuality, you have to expend the energy of planning, shopping, and checking out 16 times for the ketchup if you buy one at a time.

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You Save on Worry

If you are like many shoppers, there are certain things you look forward to re-stocking on your shopping list. The yummy items you look forward to replenishing could be peanut butter, Fruit Loops, or Cliff bars. The problem is, after you leave the shelf, there is no guarantee they will be there a week from now. When you buy in bulk, at least you extend that mental anxiety beyond a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Yes, you’ve got those yummy goodness items just where you want them which is in your cabinet or refrigerator in case, well, if you need them or you have guests.


Leaving a carbon footprint may not be on the top of the list for many people, but it is important. Who would have thought thirty years ago that our use of plastic containers could have such a devastating effect upon sea life or coral reefs? It seems that everything we buy, at least consumables, come in packaging that has to be placed in the bin. Now the planet can place plastic in recyclable containers. One company has gone so far as design a plastic that disintegrates in five years rather than the average 65 years. When we buy in bulk, we use less of the world’s plastic and other recyclable containers. We can find ways to use our kitchen shelves to store items we need, rather than empty plastic bottles and jugs.

Fresher Products

Getting fresher products can be a good reason to buy products in bulk. Most manufacturers have a greater opportunity to produce more fresh products for those who purchase bulk because they run out of stock faster and need to produce more to keep up with demand. Smaller stores that may sell less of an item may keep these slower selling items on the shelf until their expiration date. If we purchase a whole box of fruit cake now at the beginning of the season, we won’t have to run back and expend all of our bulking energy later.

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More Reasons

There are other reasons to buy in bulk. For example, you are having a birthday party for your youngest, but then three months in a row you will be celebrating another birthday for your other kids, so it is just practical to stock up on Cheetos and Fritos, which they all love. Don’t forget the Planters nuts and party mix. Maybe you are planning for your next vacation with family which will be coming up in three months, but this suntan lotion is on sale at 50% off. Better snatch at least six bottles for the family for a vacation. You got it—buying in bulk is a good thing.

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