Looking to Modernise Your Home – These Tips and Tricks Can Make a Huge Impact

Modernize your home with a living room featuring wooden floors and a cowhide rug.

It happens to the best of homes out there, age, wear, and tear is something that creeps up on homeowners over time and before you know it, your once modern and pristine house ends up looking tired and out-of-date. While your first instinct may be to gut the house and start from scratch, this is a very costly and time-consuming route to take, not to mention it isn’t necessary. Instead, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use throughout your house that will modernise the look and feel of it and have a massive impact.

Here we’ll take a look at those tips and tricks, ranging from small little projects you can easily do yourself, to larger projects which may be best left to the professionals.


Freshen Up the Home with New Paint

One thing that can quickly age a home is the colour palette you have chosen. Over the years, colour palettes come in go in terms of trends, which also means it’s a tell-tale sign that you haven’t updated your home. When choosing a new colour palette, there is nothing wrong with picking the trendy palette of the moment, but keep in mind that it may not hold up well over time. 

Instead, experts suggest choosing a timeless colour palette, one that is on the neutral end of things. Neutrals never go out of style, and you can still add pops of colours through décor and furnishings, rather than on the walls themselves.

As for what neutral shades work best, well there are a few. Shades of grey, taupe, beige or cream, brown, and even greens work beautifully in homes. You can also carry that same colour palette throughout the entire house in order to create cohesiveness and flow.

How To Start Decorating A Room

Modernise your home with a blue-siding house.

Give Your Washrooms a Modern Makeover

Another area that you can focus on is the washrooms. This is one of the most popular areas in a home to remodel and update, and unfortunately, they also tend to show wear and tear faster than any other area. You can modernise the space with new sink/shower fixtures and hardware, install new floor tiles in a light bright colour to create that modern vibe, hang a decorative mirror, and even jazz up the space with an eye-catching new light fixture.

One of the sleekest and most modern materials to use in the bathroom is glass, which can be used in glass shower screens, mirrors, and even glass tiling. Take, for example, the options available through Glazewell Glaziers. You can have one of their glass shower screens installed and instantly make the space feel bigger, brighter, more open, and of course, more modern.

Modernise your home with a white bathroom featuring a bathtub and sink.


Play Around with the Layout

Here’s a tip that doesn’t even cost a thing, it just requires a little creativity and vision on your part. Did you know that you can make a space feel more modern and open simply by switching up the layout? 

If you’ve had the same items of furniture in the same spot for years, try looking at the space with fresh eyes and shuffle the items around. That could mean placing furniture on a slant, making use of the wall space or pulling items out from the wall, moving tables out of walk paths, and so forth. You may need to move things around a few times in order to find that perfect layout.

Spring home decor - clean colors and plants

Install New Light Fixtures Throughout

Light fixtures are another great opportunity for modernising your space and jazzing it up. Light fixtures, of course, serve a functional purpose, but they can also add to the décor and atmosphere in the room. You may want to look into statement fixtures that really capture attention, play around with a mixture of floor, table, and ceiling lights, install pendant lighting, and use lights to highlight architectural details or artwork in the home.

Change Out Hardware on Doors and Cupboards

Another tip that will create a more modern look is to switch out all the doorknobs and handles on your doors and cupboards and replace them with modern ones instead. Take, for example, the standard brass or gold coloured doorknobs. By taking these out and replacing them with glass, nickel, or even a brushed metal, the effect can be truly shocking. It will look as though you’ve installed all new doors, when in fact the real answer was more cost-effective and much simpler to do.

Use Area Rugs to Create Zones in the Home

For those with an open floor layout, you can create zones in the space with the use of area rugs. The space will feel completely different, it will function differently, and area rugs can even highlight colours and textures in your surrounding flooring and furniture that wasn’t noticeable before.

Modernise your living room with hardwood floors and a ceiling fan.


It Will Feel Like a Modern New Space

By following these simple tips and tricks, your home will feel like a modern new space in no time.

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