Home Haven: How to Choose the Best Master Bedroom Paint Colors

A bedroom with a bed and a dresser that showcases different paint colors.

Create a relaxing, homely space in your master bedroom with the right paint color. Let this guide on master bedroom paint colors help you decide!


Is your master bedroom the retreat of your dreams? The master bedroom should be a place of escape and relaxation. Are you ready to create a bedroom that envelops you in calm and comfort?

The place to start is master bedroom paint colors. The paint you choose for the walls sets the tone for the room. It lays the groundwork for how the rest of the room will look and feel.

But there are so many choices when it comes to paint colors and getting just the right one is important. Consider these ideas when selecting the perfect paint color for your master bedroom.


Most sleep and design experts would agree that neutral paint colors are the best choice for a master bedroom. Neutral master bedroom paint ideas include white, beige, ivory, taupe, and soft greys.

A bedroom with a white bed and purple accents, featuring different paint colors.
Pastel bedroom with soft gray walls paint color

The advantage of neutrals is that you can have many options for decorating the rest of the room. It also allows you to switch out the color on your bedding or window treatments.  You could choose lighter coordinating colors during warmer seasons and add some darker, richer tones during cold weather seasons.

If you choose a neutral be mindful of its undertones. A creamy white can have blue or grey or yellow or brown undertones. These undertones can change the look and feel of your room.

Soft Colors

If you like color, there is no law that says you can’t use it in your room. Consider the colors you like and go for soft tones of the color. Typically, brighter, stronger or bolder versions of any color are not the most restful for a bedroom.

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Master bedroom colors that work well are blues and greens. They add color but create a serene relaxing tone for the room.

If you find a color you like, try a sample on the wall. If it feels too bright, one idea is to take the paint sample strip and go lighter one or two on the same strip. You still get the color without as much brightness.

Bright Colors, Okay or No Way?

Most experts would say steer away from bright colors like red and orange and bright yellow. They are high energy colors that are counterintuitive to relaxation and calm.

A bedroom with yellow walls and green accents, showcasing different paint colors.

But if you like color, you can use it. Consider the color you like, for example, yellow. Choose a master bedroom paint in yellow that has very warm tones. Or take the color and go to a version of the color in a lighter shade.

Color Beyond Paint

Maybe you want to keep the walls neutral and you like the color too. Some master bedroom color ideas might come to the room in other forms. You can add color through draperies, a piece of upholstered furniture, art or even lamp bases next to your bed.

Find out more ways to create and inspiring bedroom with furniture and color by visiting our website.

Best Master Bedroom Paint Colors for You

Ultimately, you want a master bedroom that fits you. That might be a soft and neutral room. It might be a room full of soft blues or modern black and whites.

Master bedroom paint colors should fit your personal style while creating the bedroom haven you deserve.

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