Most Effective Methods to Prevent Packages From Being Stolen

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The physical shop experience is becoming less and less interesting and also less popular. People started to value their time more than ever – and it is completely true that you save time when you shop online. You do not have to walk from one shop to another one physically. And just think about the time you save, not driving to the shopping mall and back home.

Also, online business is becoming more and more competitive with physical shops. If some time ago you would have still preferred to shop in a physical store to not pay for the delivery, now you often do not even need to pay for the delivery, and the online prices are often better for the customer than in a physical shop.

But of course, there is a downside for online shopping too. The more items we order online, the more of them get stolen. It is okay if the items get stolen in the delivery process – then we will have to wait longer for it or receive a refund. But if the delivery package gets stolen from your porch, there is no way back. That is why we are going to share some effective methods to prevent the packages from being stolen.

Method #1 – Have a Personal Parcel Box

As the package theft is becoming more common, so are the personal parcel boxes. More and more people choose to live without unnecessary stress and frustrations of losing something they paid for. It is a very simple solution that gives you the ability to keep access to the parcel box only to yourself.

If you would consider a box like this, choose from the best parcel boxes reviewed by Neighborhoodsquare – this way, you will make sure you invest your money in a properly working personal parcel box and will not have to worry about package theft ever again.

Method #2 – Get the Packages Delivered to Your Neighbors

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If you have a positive relationship between you and your neighbors and you trust them, you can get the packages delivered to their homes. This would be perfect in those situations when you like to travel or have to travel often for work. Or maybe you are a freelancer, and you spend half a year working in Malibu.

Or, you could get the packages delivered to your home, just ask your neighbors to keep an eye on it. If they notice that there is a package lying on your porch, they could collect it and keep it until you come back home. Of course, the most effective way would be to inform them when exactly you are expecting to receive a package.

Method #3 – Use Delivery Apps

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Some companies have specialized delivery apps that give you the possibility to get your packages delivered to a neighbor you choose or to a local store that is nearby. Also, in most cases, depending on the app that you are using, your packages also get insured.

Therefore, if you use an app like this, you can feel safer and more assured that the package will reach its destination, and you won’t have to deal with package theft again.

Method #4 – Place Security Cameras

The more economical option is to go with a fake camera installed on your porch. Unfortunately, this option will probably have to affect if the thief is covering his face because, in that case, he will not care about the camera. And neither will he care if it is real or fake. But in some situations, it might scare off unwanted guests.

A real camera is a bigger investment, but if you really want to protect yourself and your neighborhood from these burglaries, it is best to invest in a real camera. Even if the thief does not get scared off by it, you will have the footage and can give it to the police.

Method #5 – Get to Know the Delivery Person

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Building a healthy relationship with the person that delivers your packages, especially if you get a lot of them delivered, is always useful. After you know each other, you can ask the delivery person to keep an eye on your deliveries because this person will already know how you look and if somebody else tries to take the package, he might do something about it.

Also, you can tell this delivery person if you have some delivery priorities. For example, you can ask the delivery person to hide the package in your backyard or any other place that isn’t as visible as the porch is.

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