Pros and cons of DIY

A DIY-inspired house with tools in the shape of a home on grass, highlighting the pros and cons of DIY.

Firstly, what’s DIY

So what does it stand for? DIY stands for, do it yourself. The majority of the time the term is used for painting and decorating. It could be in the house or in the garden. So basically whenever someone needs something to be done, they go down the route of doing it themselves as opposed to hiring a professional to do it for them. But this way of doing things will be accompanied by a couple of pros and cons. Here I’ll write a detailed list of not just the pros and cons but the reasons behind them

Pro number 1 – You’ll save money

This is often the reason that motivates people to do it their elfs in the first place. If you have good equipment and you are experienced with tools you should be ok. But if you have to buy new tools and are not savvy about tools, checking out some dweller power tool reviews could save you. On Dweller power you can get hold of reviews from experts who know what they’re talking about. Also obviously doing it yourself means you don’t have to pay a callout fee for a professional for you which is kind of obvious

Pro number 2 – gaining experience for the future

No matter what age you are, gaining experience in a new task is always going to benefit you and maybe even others around you. Nowadays you can find a tutorial for almost anything on Youtube. Whether it’s a more simple task like ‘how to build an ikea wardrobe’ to something more challenging like ‘how to plaster’ so that is another pro of DIY, but be wary. Things can go wrong, and they often do go wrong. Unless you have someone who’s done it before watching over your shoulder, helping you through the process

Pro number 3 – Keeping you active

With so many of us working desk jobs, sitting down all day on the computer. We are all developing issues from this, but how do you escape it. The answer is staying active, standing more, moving more and stretching out them legs whenever possible. Doing DIY will supplement this, you won’t even realise you’ve just been moving your body for 3 hours. And at the same time you’ve completed a productive task

Pro number 4 – last but no least, family time

It’s a great way to connect or even to reconnect with your children or partner. Having a task to do together and completing it can be extremely rewarding. Not just for yourself but for the other people around you and the ones you did the task with. This family time is gold, it’s not the same kind of family time as sitting in front of a tv on the couch, with no need at all to communicate

Pro number 5 – Increase the price of your home

Just a little disclaimer, don’t perform any permanent DIY on rentals without permission from the landlord. This could end badly if you do. But if it’s no problem or you own the property you can go get your supplies and start right away, performing DIY on your home can help increase its individuality which in return can cause the price to increase massively, obviously depending on what jobs were done. Whether it’s fitting a brand new kitchen with state of the air built in facilities or just some nice tile work in the bathroom. It’s all a good time investment for the home

Pro number 6 – Unsafe times

Right now we’re living in a strange situation, even with the promising vaccine being rolled out so fast and successfully there’s always a risk. Having more different people who’ve been in contact with even more people can pose risks, so doing it yourself can be safer if you look at it from that point of view 

Pro number 7 – Stranger danger

If you don’t feel safe having a stranger in your house, DIY may be for you. Especially if your out of the house, it may not feel good that someone could be snooping around in there whilst you aren’t at home

Pros conclusion

So as you can see, we’ve got many pros of DIY. It look like a good idea for a family who are looking to save a few hard earned and well needed bucks, but now we’re gonna dive into some reasons why you should avoid or at least be wary when it comes to making home adjustments without the help of a trained professional, or a professional just doing it all for you

Con number 1 – Dangerous tools

Maybe it’s your first time, maybe it’s not. No matter how much experience you’ve got, bad incidents can still occur. So if you’ve done it a million times, don’t let yourself become cocky because it could cost you a finger or two 

Con number 2 – Too much going on

You may not have much free time on your hands, that’s understandable so hiring a professional would be a better option in this case

Con number 3 – Lack in expertise

It’s definitely possible to mess up your home adjustment project, it all could be down to a lack of expertise or even effort. You could even just become bored of the whole thing and quit halfway through. And who wants to look at a half done bathroom. If you have tendency to become bored fast, id recommend you get in touch with a local professional who has references and some photos to prove he or she can provide you with exactly what you are looking for 

Cons conclusion

So it looks like you’re a busy person with a demanding career that doesn’t allow for much time away from the job. I think you should look into hiring someone, it also depends how well you can handle powerful tools. So be careful, and don’t seriously hurt yourself or others. As you’ll need them fingers for future DIY projects 

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