How to choose the right retractable side awning for your home or business?

A patio with retractable side awning and cactus in the background.

Retractable awnings are one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner or business owner. They provide more shade, privacy, and comfort and are a fantastic addition to your exterior.

Today, you will find many models on the market, as there are many types of retractable awnings, such as folding arm awnings, retractable pergola covers, retractable canopies, and much more.

Moreover, among these models, there’s another fantastic kind that isn’t as popular but offers exceptional advantages to people who choose it. It is a retractable side awning.

What is a retractable side awning?

The retractable side awning is also known as a side screen. Its purpose is to protect you and your furniture from the sun and provide more coolness, shade, and comfort so that you, your family, or your customers can enjoy the nice sunny weather and relax.

If you have a retractable side arm awning in your home or commercial establishment, then the retractable side awning would be a great addition. That way, you create a closed outdoor space without having to build permanent structures, which are also an expensive investment but difficult to remove in case you want to do so later.

How to choose a retractable side awning?

Choosing a retractable side awning is the first and most crucial step to enjoying all the benefits it provides you. Before buying any awning, it is essential to pay attention to a few key things, namely:

  • Size of the awning – retractable side awning is available on the market, which varies in size. You will find both smaller and significantly larger models. The choice of awnings should be tailored to the size of the place you want to install them.
  • Fabrics – you should know that the materials from which the retractable side awnings are made are different. Some are waterproof and/or water-resistant, while others are not. Some fabrics are more durable and resistant than others. We also advise you to choose awnings made in Europe rather than China as their quality is much higher.
  • Mounting method – it is possible to find retractable side awnings mounted to the wall, while other models are freestanding. You must decide what type you want and check what your chosen awning is.
  • Design – fortunately, there is a wide variety of designs so that every homeowner or business owner can find an awning that complements their exterior and suits their taste and specific expectations.
  • Manufacturer – as we said, choose retractable side awnings made in Europe, not China. Always research any manufacturer in detail and search for reviews online from other homeowners or business owners.

Who are retractable side awnings for?

If you’re looking for more privacy and seclusion, the retractable side awnings are a perfect choice. With them, your neighbors won’t be able to see a thing, and they’ll give you the feeling of being alone. They protect you from the low sun early in the morning and late in the afternoon, from side wind and breeze, harmful UV rays, and from spreading debris and pollen.

Suppose you have a sidewalk cafe, a beach bar, a hot tub on a deck, an outdoor pool, a terrace, a garden, a patio, outdoor seating, a shop, a stand, and others. In that case, the solution for you is undoubtedly the addition of retractable side awnings.

In conclusion, we will focus on some of the most significant advantages of retractable side awnings, namely:

  • Provide shade – it allows you, your family, friends, or customers to enjoy the nice weather in the best possible way;
  • Provide shade – that is more than necessary on hot summer days;
  • Provide privacy – if you have neighbors living next door and want to create more privacy for yourself, then retractable side awnings are the solution. In case you own a cafe or restaurant, this will provide more comfort to your customers;
  • Protects from harmful UV rays.
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