Reasons To Install Polished Concrete Flooring In An Apartment Complex

A living room with a white couch and polished concrete flooring.

Add the word polished to anything and you immediately think of a shiny, glass-like substance that is slippery and potentially dangerous. This would instinctively make you think that it is a bad idea for any public area or an apartment complex. 

However, there are several reasons why a polished concrete floor is a very good idea for your apartment complex.

Understanding Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is not the same as standard concrete. A normal concrete floor attracts dust and wears with constant use, creating a layer of dust in the area. However, it is the base of a polished concrete floor. 

The concrete is simply ground and honed before being bonded with special compounds to create the polished, or glass look.

You should note that this is not the same as epoxy floor coatings although they are also put on top of concrete. Epoxy is a different compound and is applied directly to concrete in several layers to create a durable and tough, but good-looking floor.

In truth, you can use epoxy flooring or polished concrete in an apartment complex because they both offer the same benefits:

Hard Wearing 

Floors in apartment complexes, especially hallways and other communal zones, take a lot. People are constantly moving over them, potentially dragging items, scuffing their feet, and bringing in debris from outside. The durability of polished concrete means it is good at standing up to heavy traffic and still looking good. 

Alongside the hallways, you can extend the polished concrete flooring into the entrance halls of individual apartments. This will make it easier for residents to look after their apartments.

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Polished concrete gives a clean finish to the floor which is very easy to sweep, mop, or even vacuum.  This makes it easy to keep the area clean, discouraging rodents and other pests from entering the building. 

Pest Prevention

Of course, concrete is not attractive to pests as they can’t eat it. That makes it a great choice for all communal spaces which can be hard to keep clean and free from pests. 

Places Where Polished Concrete Is Not A Good Idea

While polished concrete is a good flooring option, there are several places that you shouldn’t be using it:

By The Pool

If the apartment complex has a pool then the surrounding area shouldn’t be polished concrete. It is non-slip but it will also get very hot in the sun and any spilled suntan oil will cause the surface to be slick. Equally, the chemicals in the pool water can damage the flooring. 


Bathrooms are constantly wet and polished concrete will still absorb water. That’s not a combination you want in your bathroom, especially if people miss the toilet. It can quickly cause odors and damp issues that can be extremely difficult to eradicate.

It is worth noting that epoxy flooring doesn’t suffer from the same damp issues and isn’t affected by pool water. Potentially making it a better solution for your apartment complex.

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