Simple Lifestyle Changes and Habits to Create a Healthy Home Environment

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Of all the places in the world you could be, your home is the very place where you should be able to relax and unwind without worrying that there’s something there making you sick. In our day-to-day lives, going to work and home, and everything in between, there’s a very high chance that we’re bringing all kinds of germs and contaminants home. But what if there were things in your home already that are making you sick and you don’t even realize it?

There is a condition called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and it’s a condition that causes illnesses and symptoms that result from your environment. SBS symptoms include things like upper respiratory issues, headaches, sneezing, and throat irritation. 

These symptoms are similar to that of a cold or allergies, but the key to telling the difference in whether it’s actually SBS or a cold or allergies is all a matter of the frequency of your symptoms. Are you experiencing these symptoms on more of a steady basis? How severe are your symptoms? Do you only feel bad when you’re at home?

You want to pay close attention to your body and be cognizant of how it reacts when you’re at home versus at work or anywhere else. If your symptoms seem to only appear when you’re at home, your home could very well be making you sick. And at that point, it would be up to you to get to the bottom of the source of what exactly is causing your symptoms.

Some things to check that can possibly create an unsafe home environment and be the culprit of those symptoms include the following:

  • Water Leaks: Water leaks left untreated can lead to mold and mildew in your home, which can then lead to serious health issues.
  • Air Filters: You want to make sure you’re consistently checking your air filters at least every 60 to 90 days to make sure your heating and cooling unit isn’t recirculating all the toxins and allergens trapped in the air filter.
  • Scents: If you have wall plug-ins, candles, or potpourri, those things definitely make your home smell fresh but releases toxic chemicals in the air, especially when burned.
  • Cleaning Supplies: When we clean our homes, we will go and buy all kinds of bleach, ammonia, sprays, wipes, and disinfectants. But the reality is that we really don’t even need all of those things to thoroughly clean our homes. In most cases, we can clean our homes with a few basic ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.
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If you’re looking for ways to get your home clean and do a little bit of good for the environment too, here are some tips to get you off to the right start.

Ways to Create a Healthy Environment at Home

Store Food in Glass Containers

If you can avoid plastic food containers at all costs, it will be in your best effort to do so. Several studies have shown that certain chemicals in plastic food containers separate from the plastic onto the food and drinks we consume, especially if you put these containers in the microwave to warm your food. These chemicals have been linked to infertility and certain cancers.

Switch to Alternative Electricity

You might be wondering what alternative electricity has to do with creating a healthy home environment… Well, it has a lot to do with it, but not in the traditional sense.

Alternative electricity is electricity generated from renewable sources like the sun and it’s an electricity option that’s good for the environment and lowers your electric bill. Even small businesses are making the switch; Just as you look up electricity prices for lower rates, business owners look up small business electric prices

So whether you’re in a business environment or your home, making the switch to alternative electricity is going to be better for your home, the environment, and your wallet, which will, in turn, lower financial stressors.

Add Plants to Your Home

Plants add several health benefits to your life. From purifying the air to boosting your mood, plants bring so much to your home environment. They not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but they also heat and warm your home as well as reduce your home’s energy costs just like alternative electricity.

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Let the Sun and Fresh Air Inside

Sometimes you just need to take things back to how it all started, and that’s by embracing the natural sunlight and fresh air. By taking full advantage of this, you’re eliminating the need for artificial lighting or the need to turn on your thermostat, and there’s nothing better than breathing fresh air and getting your daily dose of vitamin D right in the comforts of your own home.

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