The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Pallets For Your Business

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Pallets are vital in the warehousing and logistics business. Even those that deal with various merchandise use pallets to manage inventory, storage, and shipping. But the great thing about pallets is their versatility. Besides their common purpose, your business can benefit from pallets in many ways. You can buy them wholesale and still come up with various uses for your pallets. This article will discuss the advantages of buying pallets wholesale and what you can do with your supply for your business.  

1. Gives You More For Less 

Businesses need packaging materials like pallets, and if they can get affordable ones, they can save more money. That’s also why it makes sense to buy pallets wholesale because your savings will go to other vital areas of your business.  

The average cost of new wooden pallets is USD$19 at the lower range and USD$24 at the upper range. Plastic pallets at the lower range are USD$10 and USD$45 at the upper range. But buying items like Fruit Growers wholesale pallets in bulk means you can get multiple pallets for a fraction of the cost. For example, if you want to buy wholesale, one pallet will cost as low as USD$2.50 if you buy a minimum of 960 units. 

Many manufacturers offer different prices depending on factors like the kind of material, labor, and the condition of the pallets. There’s bound to be a source that can offer you the pallets you need that you can afford.  

2. Access To Different Kinds Of Pallets 

Some companies allow buyers to choose the kinds of pallets they can source wholesale. You can get different types for less and use them according to their business needs.  

You may only be familiar with wood and plastic pallets. Still, other pallets are made of metal, paper, and Presswood (natural woodchips bonded through intense temperature molding). Metal pallets are heavy-duty and designed to handle heavy loads. Paper pallets are for lighter loads, and Presswood pallets are similar to wooden pallets because they’re made of natural materials.  

Besides the materials, you must also be familiar with the markings on pallets. These will tell you what pallets you can reuse for your needs and ones you must avoid. For example, if you want to reuse pallets or repurpose them, source pallets that don’t have any marking. They’re for domestic use only, so they’re not chemically treated. 

You may see the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) logo if you come across recycled or reconditioned wholesale pallets. The organization exists to prevent the spread of pests and diseases through pallets. An IPPC marking means that the pallet was used for international shipping.  

Other codes that you must also be aware of are ‘DB’ for debarked, ‘HT’ for heat-treated, ‘KD’ for kiln dried, and ‘DH’ for dielectric heating. These codes mean that your pallets are safe to use for your business because they were treated without chemicals. Watch out for ‘SF’ (Sulphuryl Fluoride) and ‘MB’ (Methyl Bromide) because these are markings of pallets treated with hazardous chemicals.  

Wholesale wooden pallets on a white background.

3. Provides Efficient Storage Solutions 

Buying wholesale pallets means you can have more pallets to use for different purposes, like organizing your self-storage unit. If you rent a self-storage unit to store business equipment, stocks, and materials, you can use pallets to maximize the space inside. Pallets will help you organize the storage unit and are a cost-efficient way to separate or categorize items. For example, you can place your inventory in one pallet and the packaging materials in the other.  

You can also use pallets to elevate boxes of supplies to help keep them safe from water damage. The water can come from the unit, or there could be unexpected flooding. Placing items on top of the pallets is also a way to mitigate the effects of temperature. If you’re using an exterior storage unit, summer humidity and winter can affect items like books, fabrics, antiques, and other items susceptible to temperature change damage. Placing them on pallets instead of on the floor can make a difference.  

4. Create Furniture For Your Business 

One of the best ways to use extra wooden pallets is to repurpose them as furniture. If you have a shop where you entertain people, you can source pallet furniture plans online and see what you can do with your wooden pallets for your place of business. Here are some examples:

  • Vintage Counter 

You can turn pallets into a counter if you have a café or a hotel. Stack them up and place granite or marble countertops instead of sourcing for expensive fixtures. Add some staining to the pallets’ wood grain, which can add a countryside or rustic charm.  

  • Wooden Minibar 

How about a minibar where you can place bottles of wine, which you can place at a corner of your restaurant? It can be a functional mini bar where you can put two bar stools or a decorative piece that’ll catch attention. 

  • Canned Food Holder 

If you have a small grocery, you can use pallets to create a food and beverage rack. It can be aesthetically designed like a canned goods dispenser for various canned goods. The simpler version is to create smaller crates that can hold canned or jarred food.  

  • Shelves 

A bookstore or arts and crafts store can always use extra space to display its products. Smaller shelves will allow kids to browse through children’s books. The shelves can also display arts and craft kits that customers might like.  

If you have a good supply of pallets, you can use them to help you grow your business. Pallets are recycled and reused this way to help lessen the production of new pallets and help avoid deforestation. 


The benefit of buying wholesale pallets for your business is getting more pallets for less. These pallets can come in different conditions and prices. You also get access to different types of pallets according to your needs. Familiarize yourself with pallet markings. Pallets can keep your inventory and supplies safe and organized inside storage units. Having pallets also means that you can repurpose them into furniture that you can use for your place of business. 

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