The Most Common Myths & Misconceptions About Impact Windows

A living room with two chairs and an impact window.

One of the most common misconceptions about windows is that they don’t actually do anything to save energy. This is especially true for newer homes and when it comes to the energy efficiency ratings of newly constructed homes. It seems as if most homeowners still think that way even after all the advancements in the modern home. The fact is, that the majority of improvements you see on a new house can also be found on older homes and new windows help make this happen.

Choosing the right material

Did you know that one of the main reasons that so many people chose to go with vinyl over aluminum was because aluminum windows add so much weight and mess? These heavy frames could not be properly fitted into most new homes. With impact windows, you will find that there is no weight or mess involved. There are not any screws or nails necessary either, which makes for a much cleaner installation experience as well. This means that your home improvement time is significantly shorter when it comes to replacing old windows.

Another misconception the window experts in Hamilton say is that they only offer limited benefits when it comes to upgrading a home’s energy efficiency. This is simply untrue. This is simply because impact windows help you to keep more out of your hot and cold air which significantly reduces the amount of air conditioning units you need to operate your home during the summer and winter months. This is important to those who have had to deal with extremely high utility bills in the past. Now, with the use of modern technology, homeowners can enjoy energy-efficient windows that can also save them money while they are spending it.

Busting the myths

Even those who may be hesitant at first about the benefits of impact windows should understand just how big of an impact they can have on their home. The most common myth about these windows is that they only provide a small amount of insulation. What they actually do is dramatically increasing the amount of insulation that is trapped within the glass. These types of windows can keep up to ninety percent of the heat and light that enter your home and significantly reduce the amount of air that escapes through your windows.

One of the most common misconceptions about impact windows is that they are not very easy to clean. The truth is that all you really need to clean these windows is soap and water. While this may seem like a simple thing to do, cleaning the glass is quite tedious. However, if you make it a point to clean the windows on a regular basis, you will find that the life span of the window is dramatically increased, and you will have fewer issues with breakage, fading, and general discoloration.

The most common myths & misconceptions about impact windows include the fact that they are not very attractive. While impact windows do add an interesting and distinctive look to your home, the truth is that most people cannot afford to purchase this type of window.

Impact windows can be very expensive, even when purchasing pre-built, and older windows with the polycarbonate frame are often far more attractive than the new style of vinyl windows that are becoming extremely popular today. If you do not want to invest the money into purchasing the latest model of windows, then you will still find that these windows provide a great look for your home. You may even find that these windows increase the value of your home, which will make them an excellent investment no matter what your situation may be.

Another common myth surrounding impact windows is that they are not strong enough to support themselves. The truth is that polycarbonate windows can withstand tremendous pressure without shattering or cracking. In fact, the polycarbonate used in these windows is so durable that impact windows with this material are actually able to support themselves and not crack under normal circumstances.

If you have the budget for these windows, then by all means purchase them and enjoy their benefits. However, polycarbonate does not need to be replaced all the time, and it is even possible for a window with these windows to last for 20 or more years before having to be replaced.

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions surrounding these windows is that they are not energy efficient. While it is true that they will make a room feel warmer because of the heat absorption ability of the glass, you can actually save money on your heating bill if you install these windows in rooms of your home where you don’t currently use as much heat.

Even if you already have a high efficiency furnace or air conditioning system in your home, installing impact windows will greatly enhance its abilities to reduce your monthly energy costs. There is also a myth out there that says that installing these windows in a home will cause the structural integrity of the building to crumble, something experts say is unfounded. It has been proven that adding this type of window to a home can actually enhance the durability of the building, which will also give it added protection from storm damage.

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