Thinkterior – Creative Contemporary Play

You can find a whole lot of fun waiting for the kids in this contemporary play-yard.



The overall theme of the play-yard is a blend of creative and active outdoor play that blends with the contemporary styling of this beautiful home.


The overall focus for the design of this amazing play-yard was to provide this family with an outdoor space that would foster an active and creative playtime for their children of various ages. The visual focus of this space is the 15-foot tree placed in the middle of the turf yard. This fantastic structure beacons the children to climb the mini stumps and enjoy the slide or swing happily from the branches all the while creating a touch of whimsical nature not typically found in the desert.

Surrounding the tree the play-yard offers an array of activities for these lucky children from the chalkboard walls to create amazing pictures to the custom ball wall to practice their skills, the custom myWall system provides endless options for the kids and parents to keep the space exciting and new. Rock holds easily clip into the wall offering ever changing climbing routes, custom water toys and games can also be adapted to the wall to fit the fun of the day.


The myWall system offers various storage options including shelving, closed cases or hanging baskets all of which can be moved to alternate locations on the wall as the homeowners want to customize the play-yard.

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The myWall system is built to grow with the users whether it is with changing taste, updating design or growing children, all the accessories can be moved or replaced while leaving the main frame in place. The materials used throughout the space were chosen for their durability and ability to withstand the harsh conditions for many years. The tree also includes 3 levels of swings offering children of varied ages the chance to swing from the branches.


Safety is of critical concern with any play-yard and a space in the harsh conditions of the desert presented specific concerns which were addressed with light colored materials to reflect the sun and reduce heat buildup and stainless steel hardware was used to avoid rusting. The myWall accessories all use a locking mechanism which allows for easy adjustments but also securely locks the pieces into place once set. The flooring in the treehouse was also textured to eliminate skidding.



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