Top Five Kitchen Extension Ideas

Kitchen Extension with Skylights and Wine Cellar

Are you thinking of having a kitchen extension added to your home? If so, you’ll want to consider how to make the best of your new kitchen. Without further ado, here are our top five kitchen extension ideas.

Add a Kitchen Island

More space means more room to utilise in your kitchen. Of course, more than likely, you’ll want to make the best of a kitchen extension and its added space by creating more room so that your kitchen has a more spacious feel and look. However, a kitchen island is still worth considering either way.

A kitchen island is a great way of adding a seamless flow to your kitchen space by merging your kitchen’s old and new sections while also creating a central focal point.

Bifold Doors

You may also be interested in having bifold doors added to your property. Bifold doors have the benefit of allowing you to open up your kitchen fully to the outdoors.

This feature of bifold doors can be great when you want to open your kitchen to your garden in the summertime.

Find Ways to Increase Natural Light

Another step to consider is to find ways to increase the amount of natural light entering the space with an extended kitchen.

One obvious way of achieving this is to add French doors or similar to the back of the kitchen where it meets your kitchen. Beyond that, you may be interested in adding skylights, allowing natural light to enter from above. An Orangery extension is another way of increasing natural light.

Open Plan Approach

An open-plan design is a great way of approaching a kitchen extension. An open-plan kitchen design means making your kitchen and the rest of your home blend easily. This generally means no dividing walls between your kitchen and the next space. 

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Considering this design idea before extending your kitchen is important if this is the approach you’d like to take.

An open plan kitchen generally involves sharing spaces, making for a spacious and ‘open’ kitchen with multi-functionality and one that maximises natural light entering.

Superb Flooring

It’s important not to overlook the flooring type that you should use. When choosing the right type of flooring for you, you’ll want to consider factors such as durability, underfoot, and aesthetics.

Among the best types of kitchen flooring include Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Solid Wood Flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring, Cushion Vinyl and Laminate Flooring.

Hiring Professionals for a Kitchen Extension

You’ll need to hire different professionals/companies to bring a kitchen extension to life. 

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