Top Tips To Successfully Create A Feature Wall

A bedroom with a green feature wall and a bed.

A feature wall is a focal point in your room. The idea is that eyes are automatically drawn to it, this can help a space to feel larger, warmer, or even more energetic

However, not all walls are suitable as feature walls. For example, this stunning and stylish wall system needs no extra introduction. Or, the wall is too small or too large to be a successful feature wall.

In fact, there are several things you need to consider. 

Complementing Colors

It is normal to create a feature wall in a bolder and brighter color than the rest of the house. However, when choosing the color you need to be sure that it complements the colors on the other walls. A bold color that doesn’t compliment the others is going to stand out for the wrong reasons.


A feature wall is a great way to define a living space. This is especially true in open-plan houses where there are no specific divides between the spaces. Using a feature wall highlights where one room starts and ends, giving your home more definition and creating a striking look.

Use Paint

Paint is very easy to apply and can be over-painted with a different choice of bold color or even reverted back to the original. This makes it a sensible and practical choice regardless of whether you are creating a feature wall for the first or one-hundredth time.

There is no easier way to change your feature wall.

Consider Your Walls carefully

Not all walls are made to be feature walls. You can’t just select any wall in your home. The best way to decide which wall is a feature wall in any room or space is to take a step back and then move into the space as though seeing it for the first time. Make a note of what and where your eyes are automatically drawn, this is the feature wall.

If you don’t use this you will create two focal points which make it hard for your eye to stay in one place and the wall to have the desired effect.

Bigger Is Better

In general, feature walls use bold colors. But this will backfire if you create a feature wall in a small room. The feature wall will overpower the room and make it feel smaller. Therefore, if you desire a certain pattern or bold color in a small room, put it on all the walls. 

Check the Features

Feature walls work well because they attract interest and can effectively transform the room. However, if there is already a lot going on in the room, a feature wall will not be beneficial.

When the room is chaotic it can overwhelm the senses, making it difficult to know where to look and damaging the desired effect.

Don’t forget, there are many different materials that can be used to create a feature wall, this includes tiles, wood, and even plastic, consider your options carefully before you start creating your feature war. 

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