Do Window Treatments Increase Property Value?

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Windows are probably the most ignored focal point in your home. They allow light entry into your home and connect your indoors to the outdoors. Using the right window treatment can make your windows and home stand out. However, like most homeowners, window treatments probably don’t cross your mind when thinking about home renovations that increase your home value.

Most homeowners choose their window treatments based on their needs and functionality. Unknown to them, the right window treatments, such as blockout blinds by ScreenAway, can increase property value.

How Do Window Treatments Increase Your Home Value?

If done correctly, window treatments increase property value in the following ways:

Improve curb appeal

You shouldn’t focus on landscaping and your home’s exterior only when it comes to improving curb appeal. Like landscaping, window treatments can increase your home’s curb appeal. If you are marketing your home for sale, potential buyers start by inspecting the outside.

Potential buyers decide whether to continue with a home tour based on many external factors, including your window’s appearance. Dirty and visibly damaged windows are a turn-off. The same applies to outdated window treatments. Installing custom window treatments improves your home’s curb appeal.

Better energy efficiency

Window treatments can also increase your property value by improving its energy efficiency. Quality window treatments offer more than an improved curb appeal. If you rely on HVAC units in your home, you should seal various loopholes and gaps that conditioned air escapes through. Window treatments provide additional protection that prevents conditioned air from escaping and outdoor air from entering your home.

You should close your shutters or blinds during summer and winter to ease the strain on HVAC units. The best window treatments that maximize energy efficiency include cellular shades, Roman shades, dual shades, and heavy draperies.

Filters natural light

Natural light is one of the many selling points of your home. Potential buyers are more interested in homes that enjoy plenty of natural light. Besides saving on lighting and energy costs, natural light makes your home warm and inviting. It also makes your home open and larger. Choosing the right window treatment accents the amount of light entering your home.

Attractive aesthetics

Good-looking window treatments also increase your home’s value. High-end window treatments will improve your home’s aesthetics, which is attractive to potential buyers. With endless styles and color options, you don’t have to use uniform window coverings in all your rooms. You can mix and match to suit your preferred interior design.

Be it formal, rustic, or casual, there’s no limit to choosing the perfect window coverings. However, you should start by choosing the material before the colors. Also, when choosing window coverings for your bathroom or kitchen, choose water-resistant options and those that are easy to clean.

Which Type of Window Treatments Can Increase Home Value?

Unfortunately, not all window treatment options have the potential to increase property value. Some can negatively affect your home. You should consider the following options to maximize the value of your property:

Wood blinds

Most homeowners confuse wood blinds with the famous vertical plastic blinds that were popular decades ago. While they share some similarities, wood blinds can make your home modern. They can be customized to fit your window measurements, especially if your windows have odd sizes.


Shutters do more than improve your home’s appearance. They are stylish and very functional. Louvers allow you to adjust the light coming into your home through the window. You should choose between PVC and wooden shutters.

  • PVC shutters are a perfect choice for hot and humid rooms, such as showers or bathrooms, as they can withstand damp conditions. They offer full privacy when shut.
  • Wood shutters bring a sense of class and sophistication into your home. The white wooden blocks direct sun rays and reflects sunlight into your home, which enlarges and brightens your rooms.

Shutters increase your home’s energy efficiency, are durable, and provide excellent privacy control, all of which increase your home’s curb appeal and property value.


You should also consider installing shades to increase your home value, especially if you want total control over the light entering your home. Shade options to consider for your windows include:

  • Dual shades – Custom dual shades allow homeowners to adjust them to their liking. Dual shade design makes them perfect for creating a comfortable and cozy indoor ambiance.
  • Roman shades –Primarily designed to maximize privacy. You can choose from various fabric types for your bedroom and private offices.
  • Sunscreen shades – These light-filtering shades allow homeowners to maximize natural light in their homes. They allow natural light to filter into your home gently.
  • Room-darkening shades – You should consider these shades if privacy is your priority. They have an additional coating, which keeps your rooms dark.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

You should consider the following factors to choose perfect window treatments that can increase your home value.

1. Light

There’s no point in having windows in your home if you don’t allow natural light to shine through them. As such, you should choose window coverings to enhance how light enters your rooms. For instance, you can opt for slatted custom blinds, which restrict when completely shut, allow partial light when opened at angles, and full exposure when drawn up or down.

2. Privacy

You should also evaluate the level of privacy offered by window coverings. The best window treatment should allow light without compromising your privacy. Window blinds, shutters, and shades give you the best of both. Most blinds have slats that tilt to allow light into your home while making it difficult for outsiders to look inside. Top-down shades also allow light into your home while maintaining privacy.

3. Décor

You should also ensure your window treatment doesn’t ruin your interior décor. Ignoring this can hurt your home value. Fortunately, all window treatment options are available in different styles. You should choose options that complement your furniture, doors, and interior colors.


While window treatments certainly affect property value, it is impossible to quantify the value that window coverings add to your property. High-end window treatments have a better return on investments. However, appraisers primarily focus on functionality and overall appearance.

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