The unusual dolls of artist Sandra Arteaga. Do you like them?

Unusual dolls pictured.

Incredibly unusual dolls and drawings of Sandra Arteaga are beautiful, and at the same time also bizarre. They’re reminiscent of creature effects used in films in which Guillermo del Toro is a creative influence; and what a coincidence, both of the talented individuals are Spanish! Are they putting something in Spain’s water that’s turning everyone into insanely talented artists? Even if this post is in the “kids room” category, maybe it is not a good idea at all to scare your children with the bizarre dolls.

Continuing our look at some of the most creative female artists in the field today, we’re happy to introduce you to an artist from Spain, who has made a reputation for herself thanks to her unique series of sculpted and paper dolls. Many of these “children” come complete with their own backstory which help to make each that much more real.

Some people make dolls that look like cute little girls, others make weird unusual dolls that look like a pair of lungs. Can you guess which Sandra Arteaga is? She makes unique sculpted and paper dolls. Some have a great set of lungs on them. All are varying degrees of nightmare fuel. Yeah, I wasn’t gonna sleep tonight anyway. Just gonna soak my liver in alcohol until I pass out and see this stuff behind my eyelids.

A doll dressed in an unusual pink dress is sitting on a bed.

Unusual dolls in front of a school bus.

A person dressed as an unusual doll.

An unusual pink brain doll adorned with money.

An unusual figurine of a pig with green hair.

A wooden tray with three unusual dolls on it.

An unusual doll wearing a hat stands on a wooden floor.

An image of a little girl holding an unusual doll.

An unusual doll with a pumpkin.

An unusual doll dressed as a pumpkin wearing a coat and bowtie.

A necklace with an unusual green alien doll.

Samantha Britta creates unusual dolls.

An unusual doll, a small figurine of a teddy bear in a person's hand.

A person is holding an unusual necklace with dolls on it.

An unusual doll dressed as a devil is eating a sandwich.

Unusual doll at table with milk cup.

A figurine of an unusual man and a deer laying in the snow.

Unusual dolls in red and black dresses.

Unusual dolls with bows.

An unusual doll resting near a jukebox.

Unusual dolls - Sandia Arteta's specialty.

Unusual dolls pictured.

And here is what Sandra says about the dolls:

I have never did any kind of artistic education although just 2 years ago, in late 2008 to be more exact, I decided to unleash my creative desire, from that moment I have not stopped experimenting and researching on my own the path to make dolls. Internet has been a great help, a way of knowing the work of many wonderful artists, materials, etc… now that I’m getting I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop! At last I can touch everything I imagined!”

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