What Is The Best Time To Pressure Wash Your Home

A woman pressure washes the front of a house.

Nothing can be annoying like a dirty house. A clean home is always attractive and appealing to everyone. It feels cozy even when you are yet to get inside. However, only a few people have time to do the cleaning. The daily hustle and bustle make the schedule tight, with zero room for scrubbing the walls and other areas.

In this decade, you do not need to struggle with cleaning tasks. Instead, you can source from pressure wash cleaning services. This cleaning option helps remove any grime, dirt, and other hardcore stains.

Best time to pressure wash your house

When you decide to pressure wash your house, you must determine the best work time. You can clean it any time of the year, but here is the best time for this task:


Spring is the best moment to pressure wash your home. The season is mild and dry, making it easier to clean surfaces without worrying about excess moisture. The spring is usually a perfect time for tackling outdoor cleaning projects. You can include pressure washing among these projects.

The weather of this season enables you to remove any dirt and grime. You will easily clean all dirt and stains built up during winter. It will also be a perfect way to prepare your home for the summer.


If you did not make it to clean your home in the spring, you could push the task to the fall season. The fall presents mild temperatures. This condition makes it an excellent time to pressure wash your home. Pressure washing will help you get your home ready for the colder weather.

In addition, the option is a perfect way to remove all stains, debris, and grime accumulated during summer. So, if you are wondering when to call a pressure washing Houston service provider, fall is the right time for that purpose.

The worst time to pressure wash your house

While you can wash and clean your home anytime around the year, some seasons do not favor pressure washing. Considering these services will only be costly and disappointing. Here is the wrong time for pressure washing your home:


Winter is one of the worst times to pressure wash your home. This season features cold temperatures and excess moisture, making it difficult to clean surfaces. The temperature can lead to slippery conditions and freezing. Such conditions will support algae growth and mold, endangering your households’ lives.

However, you clean your house during the season if you reside in an area with a warmer climate. The temperatures in these regions remain mild and enable pressure washing at any time of the year.


Many people in Houston long for the summer season. It offers the perfect time for outdoor activities. You can’t wait for the cool evening breeze on your patio. While this is the case, it is the worst time to pressure wash your home.

The high temperatures and humidity levels make it difficult to clean surfaces. Your house will always have stains and debris. Also, outdoor activities make many homeowners busy. So, finding the time to pressure wash your home is difficult.

Other considerations to determine the right time for pressure washing

Seasons are not the only measures of pressure washing time. It would be best if you considered other factors. These include:

The type of surface

Which type of surfaces are you planning to pressure wash? This aspect is essential to consider before procuring the service. If you are pressure washing a wooden deck, you must do it during warm seasons when the moisture is low. Spring will be perfect for this case.

Fall would be a perfect time to clean the walkways and driveways as there is less debris and leaves. So, consider the type of surface you are planning to pressure wash to determine the right time for the project.

Interior or exterior space

Another consideration before deciding to go for pressure washing is the area you will clean. This cleaning method is a good idea for the interior and exterior spaces. However, the best time for these spaces will vary. Interior space should be cleaned during warm and mild temperatures. You do not want to clean and offer a perfect ground for mold and algae growth.

Exterior space cleaning is successful when the weather is cool and warm. Fall season favors this cleaning as it will prevent the formation of stains and streaks. Never wash your exterior during winter and summer, as it can have disappointing results.

In a word, determining the right time to pressure wash your home calls for considering various aspects. You need to assess the climate, season, type of surface, and nature of the space you will be cleaning. Overall, consider pressure washing your home between March and November.

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