11 Signs You Need Your Windows And Windscreen Repaired

A damaged car windshield.

Windows and windscreens require proper care and maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. Both have to endure the weather elements, and years of exposure will take a toll on them. Sadly, there will come a time when the windows in your home or the windscreen of your vehicle will require repair or replacement.

Once a window in your house shows signs of damage or wearing out, consulting a reputable glass repair Perth service, if you live within the area, is the best move to make. If you do not have the skills, you might worsen the problem or even end up with an injury if you are not careful.

As for your windshield, certain conditions require timely repairs. In case you find anything out of the ordinary with your windscreen, do not hesitate to call a professional.

What Are The Indications That Your Windows And Windscreen Need Repair?

The right timing is an essential factor if you’re planning a window replacement. You should make the most out of the windows’ lifespan, but you should not wait until it disrupts your quality of life. With this in mind, timely repair is the solution.

As a vital element in any vehicle, a windscreen is critical for vision while you are driving. Once it shows signs of damage, it can be an inconvenience and even put you at risk. Although large cracks are easy to identify, you might overlook a chip or a small scratch. Preventing scratches or chips on the windscreen can be difficult, but a timely repair can significantly help. However, if the damage is beyond repair, there is no better option than windscreen replacement Perth service; whichever part of the world you may be, that rule still applies.

Here are some of the evident signs that your windows and windscreen need a repair job:

1. Faulty Window Operation

When windows start to age, they develop balance issues, which can lead to sticking and jamming. The development of rot and rust are also contributing factors. It means that your current windows are closing near the end of their serviceable life.

2. Water Damage And Decay On The Window Frames

As windows start to age and are subjected to extreme weather conditions, these factors will affect their overall integrity. Some can end up with damage that repairs might not fix. Once you find cracks, broken glass, chipping, or mold and decay on your windows at home, window replacement is the best solution.

A man is using a paint brush to repair a window.

3. Audible Outdoor Noise

If you can hear the vehicle horn, traffic noise, or a barking dog from inside your house, it is a sign that your windows need repair or replacement as the insulation might be deteriorating. It lessens the transfer of sound with proper insulation, resulting in a peaceful and serene living space.

4. Drafts

If you sense a draft every time you are near the windows, it is an indication that the seals are wearing off. Sadly, this will compromise the thermal stability in your house, placing strain on the HVAC system and resulting in skyrocketing energy bills.

5. Condensation

You might notice beads of water or ‘sweat’ on your windows, especially during the cold months. The presence of condensation might indicate that the windows’ glazing and gas fill are no longer adequate. The deteriorating seals allow moisture to seep in between the glass panes, resulting in condensation.

6. Compromised View

As the driver, you are the one behind the wheel and responsible for your actions. Once there is a small chip or crack, you might mistake it as a vehicle out of the corner of your eye and put you at risk for a crash. Getting a repair job even for a minor crack or chip is easier to handle than ending up in an accident that will involve costly repairs and hospital bills.

7. Upcoming Inspection

If the date for your renewal is coming, you should repair any cracks or chips on the windscreen. You do not want to fail your initial inspection. In case you fail, you have no other choice but to spend for a second inspection after the repair, but you can end up with an expired sticker.

8. Pitting

If you start to notice pitting on your windscreen, it is brought about by tiny rocks and gravel that strike the surface, resulting in small pits. You will see them once they are hit directly by sunlight. Remember that pitting can put you at risk while driving since it can compromise your view by reflecting light.

9. Unusual Appearance To The Windscreen

For those who reside in regions with harsh winters, the windscreens might end up with micro-fissures or other issues, especially if not adequately protected against cold weather. There might be a minor difference, such as an unusual look through the glass or a change in external texture. Once you find these distinctive signs, it indicates that there is damage on a microscopic level and will worsen over time. A replacement is the best solution once the cold season ends to prevent it from becoming a severe problem.

10. White Edges

Windscreens undergo treatment with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) during the manufacturing. The treatment with PVB prevents the glass from shattering into pieces during an accident. Instead of breaking into pieces, the glass breaks into rounded pieces that will not cause injury. Once you notice a whitish haze at the edges, the PVB might be wearing off the glass and, thus, requires replacement.

11. Missing Pieces

The windscreen’s objective is to keep out the elements, animals, and other debris from the inside of your vehicle, and provide structural support to prevent the frame from sagging. When the windscreen shows even minor damage, a repair job or even a replacement is necessary.


When a window or windscreen shows any signs of damage or deterioration, even a slight one requires an immediate repair job to prevent the problem from getting worse. Remember that if you overlook even minor issues on your windows or windscreens, it can be detrimental to your house or while you are driving. Make the right choice with timely repairs or replacement to keep your windows and windscreen in good shape for years to come.


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