What You Need to Know about Living in Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina lights up the city of Dubai at night.

Picture a highly sought-after residential neighborhood with an exclusive lifestyle, a magnificent beach, several restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes, a water park, several luxury residential towers, basically anything that points to a life of affluence and you have Dubai Marina.

The man-made marina boasts of incredibly spacious and high-end apartments which to no surprise have the highest demand rate. Its geographic location makes it easy for residents to have access to Sheikh Zayed road which is Dubai’s arterial highway and also makes commuting to different locations very easy.

Apartments in Dubai Marina the UAE which can be found in more than 200 residential towers over several options such as studios, 1-4 bedroom apartments, penthouses as well as villas although these are limited in number. The average sales price for apartments in Dubai Marina the UAE range from AED 667,000 to AED 7,134,000

Living in Dubai Marina: A vibrant area or too commercialized?

Considering the high supply of residential apartments in Dubai Marina the UAE as well as the presence of several luxurious facilities and businesses, one might be faced with the question of whether the seat of affluence and elegance is simply vibrant or too commercialized. 

Before deciding, we need to understand the qualities that make a commercialized neighborhood as well as a vibrant one. After carefully examining what a commercial area and a vibrant area entails, we can then form a conclusion on which side Dubai Marina falls.

A commercial area or neighborhood is mainly characterized by buildings meant for commercial purposes, this includes office buildings, malls, eateries, financial institutions, parks, and so on. The main purpose of commercial areas is to generate revenue for the city in which it is located, this means that a large portion of the activities in that area would be business related. There is a risk of increased standard of living, poor development, and consumer exploitation if an area is too commercialized so it is understandable if individuals choose to avoid highly commercialized areas.

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Now let’s examine the qualities that make a place vibrant. The vibrancy of an area simply refers to its bubbliness, the life, energy, and flow of activities in the place. Some characteristics can help to determine whether or not a place is vibrant

1.There should be a smooth flow of people in, out and around the area, this means that local and major transit station will work regularly since vibrancy also include networking

2.Public places that people love to visit even more than once often contribute to the vibrancy of an area. This place generates lots of foot traffic and can sometimes serve as an avenue for more networking and flow of activities.

3.Local events or places that bring people together are another way of determining if an area is vibrant. This is something unique to that area, it could be a festival or historical sight.

Overall the general level of activities in an area often helps to determine whether it is vibrant or not.

It is also important to note that the major difference between a commercial area and a vibrant area is that the former is geared mainly towards business and profit making while the latter creates an environment where you can live, generate income and enjoy leisure too. It combines commerce, residence, and entertainment.

Although Dubai Marina possesses some qualities of a commercialized area when we consider the various economic activities that go on daily in the area, the overall characteristics of this area clearly show that it falls on the vibrant side. The easy access to transportation, picturesque places such as the JBR beach and the waterfront, and numerous community events prove that the marina is simply just a bubbly place full of life and energy.

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If the fear of living in a commercialized area has been stopping you from sourcing for apartments in Dubai Marina the UAE, you would be relieved to know that the neighborhood is nothing like that and you can go ahead to live the life of your dreams in the seat of affluence and luxury.

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