10 Great Reasons To Add A Solar Battery To Your Home

Solar panels on the roof of a house with solar battery.

When global conservation is taking an increasing center stage today, solar power is a discussion that can’t be ignored. Making use of solar panel innovations like adding a solar battery could be an excellent way to get the most out of your home solar electricity system. Batteries are great for power backup, and they give exceptional energy independence, and in most cases, they could save you money.   

How Solar Batteries Work

A solar battery works with a solar panel system to store electricity. 

If you have a standard grid-tied solar system or a non-battery solar system, you’ll generate electricity from sunlight which you can use to power your home appliances without grid power.  

When it’s nightfall, you can switch to the main grid for your electric power. The cycle continues like this: you switch to solar power during the day and back to the grid during the night.  

Depending on your locality, you can export your excess solar power to the main grid. Most states have a net-metering system in which the power utility will pay for your solar power when you export it to the grid.   

However, if you have a solar battery, your solar power will charge the battery first before the system exports any excess power. When night falls and your solar panels can’t generate electricity, the system will get its supply from the solar battery. Grid power will only be utilized when both the solar panels and the battery fail to provide electricity.  

 Why Should You Get A Solar Battery?

If you have solar panels but aren’t yet sure whether to add a battery to your system, here’re some reasons you should seriously consider doing so.   

 You Will Store Up Energy

Instead of letting your excess solar power go into the grid, you could harvest it by storing it in your batteries. Solar batteries have different power storage capacities, but they generally provide excellent power storage value.     

You Will Use Your Own Electricity

Did you know that the feed-in tariff you’re paid when you export solar power to the grid is usually far less than the cost of buying electricity? Therefore, instead of exporting excess electricity to the grid, you can store it and use it later when there’s no more sunlight. It will make more economic sense to use your own electricity. After all, there’s only so much electricity you could use during the day when the sun is out. 

You Will Have A Back-Up Power

Using a solar battery also has the great benefit of providing backup power. Simple solar systems will provide solar power only in daylight. However, if you have solar batteries to compliment your solar system, you can still utilize solar power even at night. Solar batteries are designed to store up power which can be used as a backup.  

When the weather isn’t friendly for solar generation, like on a cloudy day, you can draw power from your batteries instead of relying on the grid. This can be useful for giving you independence over your electricity needs and consumption.  

You Will Get Constant Energy Supply

Imagine how annoying it can be to get a power cut during your favorite TV show or how inconvenient it could be to be cut off during an important video call. Well, if you add solar batteries to your home, you may not have to worry about such unpleasant interruptions.

If you have a solar battery, you’ll have an uninterrupted supply of electricity even when there’s a power cut in the grid. Most solar systems with batteries are designed to automatically supply power if there’s an interruption in your main electricity source.  

A solar panel is attached to a wall.

You Will Save Money

Although they may require an initial investment, solar batteries can be a great way to save money. With solar batteries, you can kiss electricity bills goodbye.  

If you have solar batteries, you could even go off the grid if you wanted. Once you’ve calculated your power consumption, you can get a solar system that can produce enough energy for your needs. Adding batteries with enough storage capacity to cater for your needs will ensure that you’re taken care of during the night or on cloudy or snowy days.  

You Will Enjoy Unlimited Supply

As stated earlier, when you have solar batteries, there’re no limits to the times you could utilize your solar power. Whether it’s raining or sunny, you can still use your solar system to power your home. This is made possible by solar batteries. 

You Will Help Conserve Energy

Using solar batteries is a clean and eco-friendly way of consuming electricity. Solar-powered batteries can be said to produce much less pollution than most other fossil fuels. Using solar systems can therefore be your own way of contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.  

You Will Get Rid Of Generator’s Noise

Unlike other home electricity backup systems like generators, solar batteries produce very little noise. If you’ve ever used a gas-powered generator before, you’ll agree the noise they produce can be unbearable. Solar batteries can therefore be an easy and more viable solution to the problem of noise.  

You Will Increase Your Self-sufficiency

Relying on the main electric grid has its advantages, but being independent is so much better. For example, when you have a solar system with a battery added to it, you could have your own power generation project to wean you from the power utility companies.   

You Will Save More

Switch to solar batteries and forget about paying electric bills and buying fuel for your generator. Solar batteries may seem expensive when you buy them, but in the long run, the money you could save by using them is far more than the initial cost of installing them.   


In the wake of global environmental awareness and as power outages become more familiar, there’s been a need for sustainable alternatives for power generation. Solar is a great power source for your home, but it may not give you full value for your money if you don’t include solar batteries in your system.  

Solar batteries will have great benefits like providing backup. Solar panels alone may fail to address your needs because they only provide power during the day. At night you may still rely on the grid if you don’t have a solar battery. Adding batteries, therefore, can bridge the gap and give you more independence and an uninterrupted power supply. Of course, you have to consider the initial cost of installing solar batteries. When all’s considered, however, solar batteries are worth it.  

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