10 Ways Landscaping will Boost Your Rental Value

Are you wondering if it’s a good idea to use landscaping to boost curb appeal? Well, you can stop wondering. The answer is yes. 

This article will highlight 10 different reasons you should start paying more attention to your outdoor space. 

1. It  boosts your curb appeal

One of the most obvious ways landscaping boosts your rental value is by increasing your curb appeal. Who doesn’t love seeing freshly manicured lawns or well-trimmed trees? Even the hardest to please tenants will have a soft spot for a colorful garden of tulips. Undoubtedly, if your rental property stands out as an elegant and welcoming abode, you’ll have more prospective tenants eager to pay your rent. More so, you could even use it as a bargaining chip. Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the nicest homes in the neighborhood?

2. It’s good for the environment

When people talk about landscaping, their mind often goes to trees, flowers, and the lawn. But while there’s more to it than that, there’s no denying it is a core aspect. As you might already know, adding green spaces is beneficial to the environment. Landscaping allows you to preserve a piece of the Earth’s fauna and flora in your backyard. Although it’ll take more than planting a couple of trees to save our planet, you’ll undoubtedly be fulfilling part of your quota.

3. It improves the air quality

As you might know, the carbon dioxide we breathe out is an essential ingredient for plants in photosynthesis. By doing so, plants help purify the air by utilizing all excess CO2 in our atmosphere. So when you incorporate greenery, particularly trees, into your landscaping, you improve the air quality around you. Who wouldn’t love the feeling of fresh air in their lungs every morning?

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4. It lets you connect with nature

Two children cultivating vegetables in raised garden beds.

Another way landscaping boosts your rental value is by connecting you to nature. As highlighted earlier, landscaping often involves intentionally making space for plants on your property. That allows your tenants to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of chirping birds in a tree. A low-maintenance and low-cost garden could give tenants with a green thumb the opportunity to form a deeper connection with Mother Earth. 

5. It improves your mental health

Mental health is an ever-growing problem in our era, and some people even describe it as the next global pandemic. Thankfully, several studies demonstrate a link between nature and improved mental health. Just viewing scenes of nature can reduce unpleasant feelings such as stress, fear, and anxiety. So you can be sure your tenants will appreciate having some form of therapy in their front yard.

6. It helps with water drainage and runoff

Water damage can be an annoying nuisance that compromises the integrity of your building. It’s a major hazard landlords ought to be wary of, particularly around the rainy season. That’s because when it rains, if there are no proper channels to direct the flow of water, it can collect at the base of your house. When that happens, you could be facing structural and safety problems in the form of weak walls and mold.

However, proper landscaping often considers water drainage, so this scenario is less likely to be a problem. 

7. It prevents erosion

Additionally, when you tackle the issue of runoffs and drainage, you indirectly prevent erosion. Erosion is the washing away of the topmost part of the soil. The loose dirt can block drainage pipes and pollute water bodies when that happens. However, proper landscaping can help avert erosion and prevent unwanted pollution and blockages. Grass and trees help hold the soil together, thereby preventing it from washing away when it rains.

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8. It can reduce energy costs

Running your air conditioner for hours is one of the fastest ways to run up your electric bill. Unfortunately, summers can get blazing hot if you live in a city. However, trees offer a reprieve from the scorching heat and high electric bills. They increase the airflow around your house, and their branches can provide some much-needed shade.

9. It provides a space for outdoor relaxation

When the pandemic hit, many people were confined to the four walls of their houses. For some, being stuck all day indoors was unbearable. But residents with outdoor spaces could at least go out for a change of scenery and some fresh air. A cultivated landscape encourages people to go outside and enjoy the environment. Moreso, it gives them a space to bond with friends and family at barbecues and parties. 

10. It contributes to the sustainability of the planet

Several NGOs and personas have amplified the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle in recent years. Many projects are working towards mitigating the effects of climate change and deforestation. Every action matters and a well-defined landscape can contribute positively to the environment. By purifying the air, preventing erosion, and cutting down energy use, landscaping can play a role in creating a more sustainable world. 


There you have it! Take action now if any of the 10 ways landscaping can boost your rental value resonates with you. If you need some assistance, work with your property manager to determine the best options

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