5 Design Tips for Turning Your Backyard Pool into Paradise

A pool in front of a house

Putting a pool in your backyard is one of the more exciting home renovations you can undertake, and planning one should be an exciting time. While the pool installation is a big job that will have you figuring out materials, quotes, contractors, scheduling, and more, you also want to plan out how your whole backyard is going to come together.

Planning the entire design will help you, your designer and your contractors make sure that your concept as a whole works. Green Side Up Contracting is a company that gets clients to always consider both function and design, including features like seating areas, pathways, fire pits, and how to integrate and conceal pool mechanical equipment.

Make sure your contractors know your complete vision to get the ideal backyard pool.

#1 Eye-Catching Tile

Adding some eye-catching tile to the top of your pool can add some personality and color instead of the typical grey concrete. Tiles can be customized to add patterns or colors that fit your aesthetic and draw the eye. Go with bright, bohemian patterns, a chic, hotel-inspired black-and-white, or create a high-contrast, classic look.

#2 Custom Designs

Swimming Pool Picture by: tripadvisor.in
Swimming Pool Picture by: tripadvisor.in

The shape of your pool can give it as much character as the color. Sleek, modern lines with overhanging tile and an inset for entrance can feel extremely chic and give your backyard pool an air of sophistication, while rounded edges can be both more playful and get rid of some of those hard, pointy corners that leave parents on edge.

#3 Build a Cabana

A cabana isn’t just for the resort. You can get a custom cabana built for your backyard pool, where you can set up an outdoor bar, a place to lounge in the shade, and a place to gather with friends right at the poolside. Some respite from the sun can be just what you need when you’re starting to turn red.

#4 Include a Fire Pit

Nights by the pool aren’t complete without a fire to light up your backyard. Placing a fire pit in a strategic location, such as a seating area near the pool, can create a warm, social atmosphere that will make your pool feel more like a beach resort in Greece than your backyard.

#5 Furnish Your Pool Like It’s Your Personal Dream Getaway

Part of the appeal of installing a pool in your backyard is the feeling that you can get away from it all whenever you want. When you’re furnishing and decorating your backyard and the area around your pool, think of what you’d look for in the perfect hotel resort, private cabin, or beach getaway.

Think luxurious lounge chairs where you can spend hours soaking up the sun or reading in the shade of an umbrella, letting all the stress seep slowly out of your body. If you’re more active outdoors, consider making space for fun and games, like a bocce ball court. Don’t forget about hammocks or suspended wicker chairs that will make you feel weightless as you close your eyes and listen to the sound of the birds singing overhead.

These tips can help you customize and visualize your perfect backyard pool.

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