5 Reasons to Display Yard Letters to Promote Your Business

A boy stands in front of a happy birthday sign on a lawn.

Lately, more and more companies are displaying custom yard letters outside their establishment. Chances are that you have seen these letter messages when driving or walking by businesses and homes. The letters and designs are often different, but they always catch your attention.

You will see them being used to spell out that a store is holding a sale, property is for sale, someone is having a party, etc. You have likely also seen them promoting a positive message for everyone nearby to read.

Why are these outdoor letters so popular? Here are five benefits for why more and more businesses are using them:

1. Available at Affordable Prices

Large and small businesses utilize yard letters because they are offered at low prices. Depending on how many letters you need, custom phrases can cost less than $100. Sign makers also offer stock message sets, like happy birthday yard signs or congratulatory signs, for even less money.

Where can you find these signs? Most online printers offer custom sign printing services. You can specify how many letters you want or what you want your message to say and the set will be shipped out to you.

Businesses do not have to limit their message to just a few letters. You can customize a message of three or twenty letters to get the point across. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses trying to be personable and memorable.

Local business owners are finding that these affordable, eye-catching signs are an easy way to stand out among larger competitors while still being within their budget. Several sign companies offer yard letters in cardboard material, which is a cheaper option, but corrugated plastic letters are recommended for longer use.

2. Made from Durable, Reusable Material

When shopping for yard signs, corrugated plastic material is the best option. Some places offer cheaper cardboard signs, but corrugated plastic is crafted to be used both indoors and outdoors for extended periods, making them more versatile.

Corrugated plastic is perfect for outdoor display because it is weather-resistant. Letters can withstand different wind and rain without the message scratching off.

Printers use a modern printing technique so that the design and colors remain in great condition over extended use. The same material is seen on political and school signs for this reason.

These letters can be displayed for days or months, depending on how long they are needed. They can also go into storage and be brought out for reuse. It is important, however, to keep them in a place where they will not accidentally bend, because creases are permanent.

If your company holds monthly sales or yearly events, storing these signs and reusing them again saves you money in the long run. You can also easily swap out old signs for new designs.

3. A Wide Range of Design Options

For your company to have a personality, messages can be customized even further to stand out. The more colorful the signs are, the more they will be noticed.

Most sign designers offer yard letters in different colors. Letters can be printed in any color on the spectrum, such as pink, teal, and purple. For a more professional look, choose a more standard color.

Many companies also include more unique color designs, such as glitter, patriotic themes, and tie dye. If you want to promote a fun message, using more diverse colors will get you noticed.

Many sign companies’ products, like yard letters, also include add-on symbols that further personalize the message. Is your business holding a birthday party? Add cake, candle, or balloon emojis to the set to make it more festive.

The range of emojis depends on the sign company. Many companies can also print the symbol in the same color as the letters of the set for a cohesive appearance.

4. Easily Set Up

You may be wondering how businesses get their letters to stand upright in the ground. Many companies provide ground stakes for installing the letters outside.

Each letter is given a separate stake. The stake is pushed into the ground and the letter is then inserted over the stake.

How is this done? Corrugated plastic is a layered material with inside flutes. The bottom openings of the sign can slide down the top of the stake.

Ground stakes are made from different materials and come in various sizes. The common version seen is an “H” stake, which is a plastic or titanium hardware in an “H” shape. The two bottom points stick into the ground and the two top points are for attaching the letter.

If you plan on using the sign indoors, it can be setup in a variety of ways. The most common way, however, is using adhesive to stick each letter to a wall. Some companies also string the letters together to hang them like a banner.

5. Great for Occasions After COVID-19

One of the main reasons why these yard letters became so popular over the past year is that they were great for social distancing messages and phrases of encouragement. Some companies provided sayings, like “Thank You Healthcare Workers” or “We Are in This Together”, for the public to see.

If you were at an event venue, many people used these signs to celebrate drive-by parties. This is where cars drove by a home or business holding a party to show their support, while maintaining a six-feet distance. Many kids had drive-by birthday parties rather than social gatherings.

If your business has been temporarily closed and is now open, you can use an arrangement saying something like “We’re Back”, or if you have always been open and want the public to be aware, you can use “We Are Open” letters.

These types of signs are a great way for companies to remain relevant and on the public’s mind after this difficult year. Yard letters have more become more popular now than ever before.

Yard letters are not limited to a certain type of business. You see them in front of restaurants, clothing stores, manufacturers, and health facilities. Even homes use this type of signage to announce homecomings, graduating students, and anniversaries.

No matter what business you have, you can find yard letters to suit your style. This is a main reason why these yard signs are here to stay. Businesses should take advantage of this and use them to be more personable while promoting events and messages.

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